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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nuff Click!

Hey people, thanks for all the comments left on my chatbox regarding to my previous post. I couldn't reply one by one as my chatbox will be loaded. Hahaha anyway, thanks again guys!

Specially exclusive here, the birthday boy was actually away from his home when the clock strikes 12am. So i kept on asking him to come back home earlier to check out his facebook as "someone" wrote on his wall. But at last he went to have a drink with his friends. If i am not mistaken, when the time he checked that out was around 2am. HAHAHAHA.

I actually simply made a stupid nonsense, and accused him and told him something that really hurts. And i said what should i blog for YOU?! So we had a kinda huge argument that noon, after all it was just a COMPLETE LIE.

I am so so sorry for telling him those words, but it was just a "苦肉计". Haha but some of the words i told was true, i mean...the positive one. :)

So he msn me and said something like, hngggggg u cheated me! and keeeeeep on saying the same damn thing. Ok lah sorry abang. Next time, BIGGER SURPRISE! hahahaha

The point i want to blog now it is because, i need you guys' help! Haha. No lah, it was just a simple help like when you viewing my blog right, if there is an ADVERTISEMENT appear on my blog, under my Header or on your right hand side,( under " Nuffnang ads, Please kindly click it"), that has a small small word " nuffxxxx" below it,just click it and check 'em out!!

There will be advertisement like, Digi, Taylors, Jipaban etc etc etc. FYI, not like everytime u view my blog also got one la, but if u have seen them, please do me favour by clicking them. It helps!

For those who do not know what is the purpose, it just help me to earn few cents. hahahah. Thank you guys, really! And for those bloggers who haven't sign up for nuffnang, you can click here. Perhaps u might earn tonsss of money as well?

fyi, i don't earn that much. that's why i need ya'll help. :(

Thank guys! I appreciate it!!! ♥

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