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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Movie Review

Here, i'm gonna update ya all with movie reviews. It's been ages ago i did post like this. Haha. Anyway, i'm kinda lazy to study right now so i think blogging would be less sinful than watching dramas. :P



So yeah, staring Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis. One word to describe, HILARIOUS! totally man, seriously man, no kidding weih. I watched twice still, i laugh like a mad woman! i wouldn't mind if i were asked to watch the third time! hahahaha.

Basically, this is the movie about two person that just met, Peter Highman (Rober Downey Jr) and Ethan Tremble (
Zach Galifianakis) , owning to a misunderstood, it leads them could not take a flight to LA and they needa travel together, Peter's wallet was missing that time and Ethan is the only one could help him that time, so yeah he is FORCED to travel together with Ethan.

Ethan was the main culprit all the time, he caused too much troubles to Peter. Peter was kinda unlucky to met him, he broke his arm, he got shot on his leg, he couldn't sleep well at the night, he been caught by the police, they crossed the country boundary and broke the rules, etc etc etc. HAHAHA.

Along the journey, SO MANY FUNNY INCIDENTS included the hamsap one!!! Danggggg, go check them out! hahaha. Seriously, this one i would rate them 5 stars as i always like to watch comedy.

Plus plus, Rober Downey Junior is sooooooooooooooooooooo SMART & HOT! Owhhh~ Melts.Oh ya, there was a scene of Two And A Half Man too!

#2 Raaaaaaraaapunzel The Tangled Tales

Disney fans, are you ready? Hoho i bet most of you all watched this already right? I know i'm late, but i guess this movie still airing right?

I still remember i was having a midterm on that saturday but i just couldn't concentrate on my studies until i solve my "rapunzel-crave". I dragged along my bf to the cinema, promised him i will start studying after the movie! Apple and cc were there as well.

And the hall was full of kiddo and parents! Kiddos are so adorable, when they laugh! SO CUTE LOR!

Back to the topic, raaapunzel. She was actually a princess of the kingdom, but she was found that she has a magical power on her blonde hair, this is due the when the Queen was giving birth to her, she was almost dead but a magic flower saved their life and continuously rapunzel has the magical power too.

A cunning witch steal her away when she was baby and trapped her in a castle. She was not allowed to go out forever. Until the day she met Flynn the romantic story begins. Go check them out!!

Rated 4.5stars.

I've watched banyak movies but seems like i'm too late to blog this, most of the movies were no longer airing as well. Okay, so next movie i'm going to watch is Narnia i guess. And also, Gulliver's Travels And Meet The Parents : Little Fockers!

Done, sneak-peak of next post :

Till then :D

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