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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last Christmas I

Phewwwww finally,i'm back and done with my macroeconomics test. The paper is so damn easy but i did so many mistakes!*bangs wall* FML! And what matters the most, this paper is 35% marks! Damn. Please, godpapa, i seriously need this luck. PRAY FOR ME

I'm not yet relief, it is going to be super busy from tomorrow onwards. 3 assignments due, 1 presentation, and the last midterm paper to go. Shoot me.

Alrite, back to the topic. Last Christmas! I named this post as Last Christmas as i'm late for this post, hahaha. Ok, it is actually Part I of my last Christmas.

btw, here is my real LAST CHRISTMAS.


\Bet you guys saw my pixies on my facebook last week, which everyone was wearing blue colour?Actually that was a Christmas Gathering with my foundation coursemates. Hee, everyone was required to wear in BLUE as the theme is blue colour. And we were requested to buy a Christmas pressie for the exchange pressie game.

Guess what i bought?? Hahahaha. I personally found it very adorable but it is kinda useless. By the way it is a box of eraser. But then i realized, the present receiver will be an adult not a kiddo. Kinda regret i bought that, i should have bought that hair mask! Still...hope the receiver likes my present :)

Awwwwww, nak makan?

And wrapped it by myself. =)

Gathered at somewhere around campus then set we went to Yen Mei's house. Happy to see my previous course mates there, awww i miss foundation year so much!

Everyone showed up with a present! :D

Thanks to all the "chefs" that prepare food for us!!! Okay, short cut can i? Just post pixies u guys know what was i doing on that party already.


with ron's new camera. Cuz his camera works like magic, every pic of us seems flawless hah!

see my apple so cute wearing x'mas hat!

my twin sister :)

Love my laine laine too ♥

Joanne and Yen Mei cracked so many jokes that night :D

My precious treasure =)

Jeremy brought along his guitar and we had a singing session. SO FUN! I love listening to x'mas songs so much so much so much!

The exchange pressie game, we kept passing those pressie to the people beside while the music was playing. Once it was stopped, we had to take what's on our hand. Poor me, my hand had none while the music stopped. So i chose among the pressie that accumulated at apple's place. Haha. And i was so happy that i got another lao gong, the cute bolster! Hee. Mr Bean prints somemore :P

I've got 3 lao gongs nowwwww. HAHA

Love this pic ttm because apple's act was HILARIOUS!

Her hello kitty and my mr bean. :P

With the female guitarist - siew tin!

Everyone was so happy with their present!


Headed to Portuguise Settlement after the party. Just to chill awhile at there and had a look at the christmas decoration. Andddddd took picha! :P

♥ My darlings

Goodnite earth.Busy week ahead.Wish me lucks!

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