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Monday, December 6, 2010

How To Encourage Your Girlfriend To Diet?

I'm so gonna share the jokes cracked one of my super hilarious friend.

"Diet girlfriend"

Diet girlfriend is one of the verb created by the so-called smart yours truly, which mean
you have a gf that you think she needs to yeah diet girlfriend, do u have one?

Apparently, my boyf is one of the victim of the diet girlfriend. :P

Ok whatever...i know he always say im fat but i don't diet at all, just eat anything like i want. Lalalala...

Cut the crap, jokes time =)

Yesterday was the exhausted day ever, walked up to 8hrs per day, took around 100000 steps.

Guess what? We were at Times Square, shoppppp for our cny shirts. I literally felt my legs were in pain, due to too much 'exercise'.

I am so willing to walk around such a long period without a rest just to seek for nice piece of clothes. So i told him,

" Want me to diet not? Give me money lah, then i am willing to walk without rest! "

Then he told me another joke

" Hey, i buy you a Levis' Jeans ok? "


" but with 23-inch. "


" die die also buy for u, jiu shi want to see whether u can fit in that 23-inch or not."

He said this is what teo jiji told him. HAHAHAHA. LAUGH DIE ME.

But really so cruel meh? 23 inch eh?! I think i forever also wont get it lor! If it really happened, i think i will sell the jeans back and get those money to shop again. Good idea eyh? :D

HAHAHA. alright just a simple post to share the joke.



NOTE: just call me fatty/pui/gemuk. i prefer to eat than to starve :D

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