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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Man ♥

Best pic ever. Credits to Jenny! :)

See? I so good right? PURPOSELY dedicated a blog post for you eh. Where on earth to find a gf like me?! Canot find one, just accept the fact and guai guai stay beside me. :P

I know what are you trying to do now when you read this. show tongue and do your indian head shake. Too bad i'm not there to prove it right. :(

Blame it to our uni lor! Why must both of our birthday falls on holiday break. Even though i'm not going back to my hometown but still u're now at ur home and i'm stucked at here. At least, we had a advance celebration right?

U also gonna have a BIGGGG celebration later on i bet. HAHA can't wait to see the pic you got wasted that night, i'm so gonna laugh at u for 1year. Exactly one year i swear. :D

Eh tell you what, i'm really happy making fun of you all the time. I purposely did something annoying in front of you, because i want to see your face when you got annoyed. HAHA so funny u know! syiok enough to see it! Lalala. And puh-leeez DON'T stop doing it, i like it so much!!!

So this 19th birthday, you're no longer single-bachelor-birthday anymore, you're OWNED. I still vividly remember what you told me that you never celebrate a birthday with a gf, so here, here is it! Hahhhhhh, please do thanks god that for my existence. HEHEHEHE tanfei!

I asked you to say thankyou to me in many different language when i bought you this. I was just creating funny atmosphere even i deserve a thankyou. =DDDD

And on the sad note, you realized it too soon when i was asking cc to buy you this. Ok, i know i'm a bad bad bad surprise planner. No more surprises, what i am going to get you i will just tell you straightly!

But u know what, you totally deserve this.
Of all you've did for me (:

Based on the tradition belief,, giving your lover a pair of shoes is like you are sending him/her away from you. But i bought this though, because this tops your wish list. Your wish is granted by your so-called santa-clause gf! :P

Ok done, i know you like it!

I will keep this short and sweet.

Had your birthday celebration at Sakura House earlier.

I totally understand what's on your mind now regarding to the above set of pictures. It seems like it was not your birthday but seems to be just a simple gathering for of of us.

Who ask you dislike camera so much! Must learn from me mah, snap snap snap. :P

Nahhhhh, here's the set for you.

Note: the group pic is with jennie.

I make it bigger the following pic.You so handsome, i not dare to put your face small small later ur fans cant see. Ops can't believe what i just said.

Nah nah CBMFEI Happy Birthday!

Ok la..this is kinda cute. Haha

and nah your fav shot of the day. :) candid one.

So lastly, once again, happy birthday babi! I wish you alllll the best in everything and treat me good good ok?

Bring me go eat wok and pan, bring me go up kl shopping, buy me champ champ, bring me go watch Due Date. hahaha seems like it is all about me.

Hmmph well, i promise i will be a good girl. =)

Come, let me give you a last birthday shot with this DSLR. Woots.

Apparently, this is the present from the gang. :)


i wanna tell you,



-8 more days-
do not doubt whether you're part of my life,
you got an answer now :)

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