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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 in Summary and Hello 2011

Have i ever mentioned in the blog that this week is going to be busy? Yes indeed. Wonder why am i still back to blogsphere despite i have so many things to do? All because of the end of 2010, i want to put a perfect full stop on this year by blogging things i had done/realized/learned/gained/lost etc etc in 2010.

promise will get back to work after i done this ;)

#1 We're on a our perfect track.

#2 Goodbye my best partners forever :(

People beside me need no introduction i bet. My bestie - Xiao Wei and my best cousin - Steven. Hate that they're far apart from me now. June 2010, xiaowei left malacca campus, pursuing her degree course at cyber campus now. August 2010, steven went abroad for studies, left me in msia.

They used to be my best partner when i was in secondary school. When three of us together, we could laugh like nobody's business and totally into our world. Hahaha.

Seriously i miss those times so much so much!

#3 I did first hair rebonding of my life!

Yes first rebonding of my life. You know, as we girls are in our hair-growing process, our hair tend to be very messy and very fugly. End of the hair tend to curl when it reaches your shoulder, if trim it ur hair will be shorter, as i really wanna to have a LONG BEAUTIFUL hair all those year ( p/s:i'm so pathetic that the last time i had long hair was 13 years ago, which i was in kindergarden. my pri and sec school were kinda strict that don't allow girls to have long hair), so i decided give it a try.

I begged my mom to let me did the hair rebonding, and she agreed and gave me money to did that. My friends claimed that RM200 was a lil' expensive for a shoulder-length hair like mine. Anyway, mommy sponsor mah... =P

Remember i ever rant about how much i hated my hair after few days i did that? Hah.. i assume i just wasn't ready to see my hair being so flat on my head o.O

Still i never regret to did that as my hair is growing very fast, my hair is now straight and silky! =D

#4 Oops, and i dyed my hair as well!

Read this, if you've forgotten what i did. hahaha.

I actually dyed twice and the colour actually became more obvious from day to day.

1st dye

2nd dye

and now (not that bright la actually, sunlight problem :P)

My roots is growing out now and CNY is approaching soon! Yes i'm gonna dye it once more but not using Liese anymore since i have a really dark hair colour. Hmmph, any colour to introduce me? :D

#5 A new environment and a new roommate!

I'm officially a Ixora tenants since june 2010. Moving here is much more better as the room here is more spacious and cleaner than EP.

Andddddd my new roommie! Hehehe one of my darlings as well. Apple!!! Adorable and cute! So comfy and nice being her roommate, whenever we wanna eat we will be like " eh you hungry? want eat? JOM! "

that's the main reason why we are growing sideway now. HAHAHAHA

shhh. our boyfren complain about this alot. :P

#6 Officially a degree year uni student!

Our foundation year group pic!

I'm degree student that majoring in Banking and Finance! =D

But still a lazy student as well. Study 2days before test and start assignment 3days before due date. Hahaha. I'm working on my lazy attitude but i know it is impossible for me to improve it. I knew it. I seriously hope that in the coming 2011 i could be a lil' hardworking and got a better grade on my cgpa.

okay, that was a total crap. ignore it! =D

#7 Say hello to my Nokia X3-02

As the adage goes, " The newer comes only when the older has gone ". My previous nokia 5300 is officially dead and mom bought me a new series of nokia phone.

Being a techno-noobie like me, i don't really very particular in using phone. For me, as long as the phone can call and sms then i'm done with it. But the design must be pretty lah. Hee. Girl mah.

But i swear when i'm earning money i'm gonna get myself a bb! hahaha.

#8 Gained new experience while doing the first part time job

Do you remember this? =)

As a part-time schick promoter, i gained so many experience. Sometimes, i will be wondering " got people will buy meh? " but i was entirely wrong, there were really many kinds of customers in this world.

You cant judge things from your view but you need to judge from other's view as well. When you think from the other side, the outcome would be really different.

That's what i learned :P

#9 Realizing things weren't that easy

I always presume that things would be easy as ABC when i see them from the first place, but it turned out to be a BIG NO NO. So yeah, again, Don't judge the book from it's cover. True true.

You never thought things would turned out that bad when it happened. Totally out of expectation. Some people's words are trustable but some are not. And i am always wrong for that. Still, i'm lucky to have my boyf, darlings, besties, cousin to help me on this. I heart you guys so much so much, and you guys are always right. I have no idea why sometimes i am like a dumbmie.

Boyf and Cousie always advice me, " To avoid troubles, you'd better shut your mouth up! " Nah, i literally hate troubles, basically i will just deal it by, leaving them aside, and ignore it! =P

And i know there are always people for me to spill.. I will just shoot whatever when i met the correct listener. Hah! I don't actually keep thing and i don't actually tell. Half half lah.

so lazy to deal with troubles, people with many troubles, troublesome people! but who likey right?!

CHILL, be happy that's the most vital thing to do in my life :D

andddddddd, SHOPPING!!!!!!!

#10 Things i wish in 2011

number one : I wish to become slimmer!!! (laugh lah laugh lah, i know impossible also =P)

number two : I wish to get rid of my laziness!!! (laugh lor, i don mind, i also know kinda impossible)

number three: I become a good gf that don't mad at everything! (don cry ok tf)

number four : i want to have moreeeee money! (hope i buy 4D can tiok first prize)

number five : I wish to buy every shoes in Vincci, and buy many many many shirts and bags! If number four is granted

number six : I wish everything to be smooth on 2011. Shun shun li li. Everything in academic, friendship, relationship, family. :)

number seven : I wish to score a better result! Just to maintain the cgpa above 3.0. hee

number eight : I want a new camera! (hopefully lah......)

number nine : I wish i do not need to deal with any troubles, and annoying people. =D

number TEN : I wish all my wishes come true!


Alrite...done with my super long post! And.....

Happy New Year Readers!

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