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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why on earth there are Ah Beng, Ah Lian, Ah Seng exist?

Regarding to the title....seriously i wonder!

I am currently at my boyfriend's hometown, muar. Yesterday we went out to have our brunch and i saw a few lalazai/lalamui at the stall beside road.

He dyed his hair bloody red, as if his hair is like a sanitary pad for some teenage girls who is having serious PMS. Well, FUGLY to the max!

I saw him with two lala fat mui at the stall selling fried chicken or sth like that la. Then i actually saw the way he greets his friend which was at the opposite. Approximately a road between.

The fuck handsign.

And i know most of the guys greet your friends like that, sometimes i find it very amusing, especially when i saw my bf greets his friends.*Laughs*

On the contrary, i found it very disgusting when i saw the lalazai did that, oh not to forget, he even shouted so loudly that alerted everyone around.And i realized his face showed some pride that everyone was noticing about his so-called-chio action.

I was like, WHAT THE FUCK? We're looking at you because you're like an alien here, we don't see you as a very chio ppl, instead we see you as a very uneducated ah beng who trying to show off your stupidish action. Eh geli lahhhhhhh...can make ppl puke.'re not goodlooking also. If David Beckham, Chace Crawford did that, i can forgive them totally! =P But too bad, you're not! you're just a Kotex Sanitary Pad. boooooo~

If you have a look like following people, do dye like a used sanitary pad, and act like a lala. I will always support u. :P

Tak boleh tahan come they so attractive one?! Geram!!! *pinch pinch pinch

Then they continuously talking so loudddddddd, even insulting the teenagers around. Look at yourself la fat mui and kotex. If u have no mirror, go and pee and look at urself in the reflection!

After that, the show continues. One of the fat mui touched the kotex's hair. Then he yelled at that girl,

" Wo Gen Ni Jiang Liao Bu Yao Dong Wo De Tou Fa!
( I've warned you not to touch my hair) "

That girl shouted back as well.

" CB (u know what is that, i don type such a rude word) blar blar blar..."

i forgotten already but something like rude words also.

He continues, with super high pitch tone and disguise face.

" Wo Jin Tian Shui Bu Gou, Ni Bu Yao Gen Wo Wan! "
( I'm lack of sleep today, don't mess with me)

Once again, all the uncles aunties around were staring at them as well. I was freaking beside them, and my bf went to buy food. I wasn't afraid, i was just feeling like puke.

He thought he damn chio lor, shouted so loudly until everyone on the roadside noticed him. He succeeded obviously. I know one, this kind of guys like attention so much, then i just continue eating my noodles without looking at them.

If u so desperate for attention then u go to zoo la..i rent a cage for you then ppl will buy tickets to go and see u. Can earn money somemore nuh. So good, i found a job for you. Hehe

The point i blog this, is to convey a message to those ah beng ah lian ah seng or whatever pingpongpiang la... Please do not be such a lalazai/lalamui la. You think very chio but instead, you're just a sore eye in others people thought.

If you're free, go and find a proper part time job, or online at home la! You will regret if you look back at ur past. Shameful enough.

When i was in secondary school, i never be like this also. How come nowadays teenagers are proud of being like this? Sweat.

Till then.xx


  1. just because i don't like them at all. and i am just express my feeling towards them..nothing else. lol

  2. lol ying. you know la kids nowadays. esp in johor,town of gangster. just becareful when you're there. and *thumbs up* for the description of their hair as sanitary pad. very humorous. love your blog. keep it up! :)

  3. Owh thanks ren! hahaha. really thanks for supporting!!! =D