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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Powerful Of Flash

Have you ever get frustrated when you've finally got the time/mood to camwhore, yet did not get the outcome that you desire?

Yes i am! ALWAYS.

Honestly, i'm that kind of fussy people.

" Cannot like this, that one cannot, omg this one tak boleh,O-M-G!, Bu ke yi! Tak Nak! *Shake head* Nonono, Zuo Mok Zhe Yang De?, Yer! " etc etc etc...

I'm technically very strict on my every single pic, especially profile picture in facebook.

Godknows how importance is profile picture in facebook. At least for me. Once i see someone using those cartoon cartoon profile pic, i will NOT accept them for my friend request. Exceptionally to those i really know who is that.

Weird leh, because normally the friends i know won't be using Cartoon Cartoon/Anime stuff as profile pic.
I think very annoying lah those pic.And it seems like only kiddo will did this.


Apparently, the following pic is my youngest brother which at the age of 12's fb profile pic. I can forgive because i know this person, and i know he is still at the age of suitable to be a transformer fanatic.

BANNED #2 Guys picture without SHIRT ON! Frankly speaking, guy's profile pic without shirt on is totally disgusting! Okay, maybe some of you might likey, but i bet you guys only like it when the guy is having a six pack. Sounds hot. Ok, i'm melting as well. But i've seen those with big tummy, fat fat, and i was like O-M-G.

(Wont upload an example of that, avoid troubles :P)

BANNED #3 Guys with excessive confident (under terms and condition of course). Actually i don't mind boys camwhore, really i don't. But those camwhore and acting cute?! WT-effff? I've seen a few, i feel like....o0o them. seriously. Peace sign every pic, open his eyes so big like a doll, holly jesus.

(Wont upload an example of that too, avoid troubles :P)

Okay, three of the above tops my banned list in facebook .Anyway, these are only my own opinion.No offense! You can continue to act cute, take naked pic, set annoying cartoon as profile pic, but just don't add me as friend, or let me realize you're in my friend list. hahaha

Oops, realized i've off the track of my title.

YES! I finally discovered the powerful of flash light!!!

I know i'm kinda out la for realizing it so late.But i never tried before what.And last time i tried, eh, it works!

I swear they are without editing, and the colour already perfect! And it covers all your flaws too.

Test #1

Test #2

Test #3

But too bad, i am not that pro in camwhoring with flash light. My eyes are often closed half. My camera's flash not really that flashy so i succeeded all the time. But i tried before with jenny's samsung, i failedddddd.

Warm Advice - Not too strong flash i suppose, or else it might hurt your vision. :)

I admit i always like to edit my picture.

BUT, look, I ONLY EDIT COLOUR OF THE PICTURE to make the photo's colour bolder and nicer. I never like removing flaws on my face, removing dark eyes circle (because i don know how to edit! haha), enlarging my pupil, make my face slimmer, and watever....

I'm really noob in editing picture to make everything so perfect, but i only know how to edit the colour. Easy only mah, just click click click, then just choose any colour u prefer. HAHA XD

Here is an example

Before Editing

After Editing

HAH! See?? Am i right? The colour became nicer and so do the photo!

Tips: use PhotoScape, it is easiest photo editing app and the colour are nice!

Alright, i'm gonna pen off here.Heading to boring class later! Hmph! xx