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A girl who is borned on the 16th of October 1991, from Kota Bharu. Currently studying in Multimedia University, Melaka. The one who is passionate towards life, fashion. Not to forget, a die hard fans of horoscope. Can be funny at most of the times, yet not to be messed around. Temper easy come and go.

Monday, November 29, 2010



I just got back from KL last night, and i miss it like hell now! Sighhhh! I wish i could stay there longer.And how much i wish i've a thousand bucks to shop. I wish rain god would turn the rain drops into money and i don't mind collecting it the whole night without sleeping.Desperately need money to shop! :(

True, never easy to satisfy a woman's need.And did you learn economic?Woman is encouraged to shop more as it helps in increasing our country's GDP.My economic tutor told me so.Hahaha

Fyi, going to kl again next week with my coursemate! I'm so excited to shop for my cny clothes.Oops,i'm too overjoyed that i couldn't accept the fact that i'm still a Uni student that needa attend classes, complete assignments, and midterm test.Stupid things.

Btw, just a short post to show how much i want to shop.Gonna back on track and concentrate on my studies for the upcoming test first.Then only......


Dear shopping paradise, i miss you!

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