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Friday, November 19, 2010

Foong Da Ge's 19th BIG-day!

Greetings!!! :)

So guys, i received quite a number of comments refer to my previous post. Hahahaha! i'm laughing non-stop while reading that too. I got to admit that my chinese sucks. Blogging in chinese is definitely not my thing. Still, i MAY blog again soon. I mean, perhaps. Hahaha i know it totally torturing you guys who read it. :P

Last week, i've been acting like a lazy ass! Since 2 of the classes on monday and tuesday cancelled, wednesday was a public holiday, and yeah, rest of the days were my holidays! But once i realized i am a bad procrastinator, i decided to get back on my track! Midterm/mock meeting will be going on next week, i shall buckkkkkk up!

Alright, cut the crap! I freaking need to start my topic now. It is about our big handsome boi Foong Chen Hua's birthday! I remembered i blogged about his birthday last year, last year was a big one, but now, the smaller one but with SOOOOOO much fun! I swear!

We celebrated his bday on 17th of November which was public holiday - Hari Haji. His actual birthday was on 18th actually, but according to some superstitious belief, he changed his birthday to 17th from now onwards.

Approximately 4pm, we headed to jonker street to have our late-lunch. Most of them were missing the baba nyonya asam laksa! It was raining that day, and jonker street were really crowded due to public holiday. The line for asam laksa were longgggggggggggg, and we waited quite a time to get our seats. That's why i hate to go tourists spot during public holiday.

Instead of laksa, i had wu xiang. :)

Birthday boi best pic! (cut the blur part of the disturbance!)

There was even heavier downpour after our lunch. As we planned, we went to Dataran Pahlawan to shopping! or should i say window shopping? Heh. Wanted to get a bag so badly, but i couldn't find one! Hmph!

I will save the part where we did our window shopping alrite.
Tick-tock, tick-tock! Time for dinner! Guess where is the venue this time?! Ngehehehe.

Deng deng! One of the well-known restaurant in Melaka! Bei Zhan.

I've been here for like one year plus but i never been to this restaurant. The building was really unique, painted with whitey colour all over the walls and with classy lights all around. Thumbs up!

I swear, i intended to go to peeee at the first place.But idea changed once i noticed the washroom was nice too! hahaha. So girls, next time when i say toilet, means Camwhore! :P

Laine laine and jen jen, u guys should come!

Ple ple next time smile with teeth! Nicer!

I think the outfit of the day was kinda OL.
but wearing like an OL makes me feel like i'm smart. Muahahah

When the time we came out from toilet, the dishes were ready. Nom nom nom~ no introduction for the dishes today. I think jenny will blog about that soon. :)

Ze girlsss

The 4 love birds with birthday boy


All girls. Muahaha. Foong looks like girl la

Jenny named them, 四朵小花, if im not mistaken. haha

Cake cake time! And now we are all in love with Nadeje.

"Happy Birthday Little Wawa 小空上"

Based on, whoever la... i forgotten ad. Haha. Family members in foong hse called him "wa" Because his chinese name ended with Hua. So we wrote it little wawa and about the last 3 chinese words....i guess it is better i don't reveal it what was it exactly about. Hahahah

The photos captured that day were i will just upload it on facebook tonight or tomorrow okay?I summarize it so that my post won't be that long.

We had reserved the movie tix for Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows earlier. Before the movie started, we decided to chill at Pillow Bar before that. The time between was kinda longgggg. =.=

Love love love the environment of Pillow Bar. I've got so many "hubbie" inside. Hahaha! Mad happy! I can run here and there, do whatever i did. Because no one was there! :P

Ordered 3 jugs of drinks and started to play with the poker. Thrilled! I was very happy that night, really. :)

And thanks to foong foong for the drinks. He paid for them =D

About the potter movie, i must admit i'm not the fans of HP but i think the movie was moderate. I think, part II is worth waiting.

Lastly, wish foong happy birthday once again! All the best in ur everything especially your relationship! Hehe. And i and promised will upload the photos soon. xx


  1. birthday celebrations are always fun :)

  2. Super fun this time! had tonssss of fun seriously!