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Monday, November 8, 2010

Done with my first time ;)

Hello readers! How are you doing? I've been busy for the last three days, and if u guys read my previous post here, you definitely can figure out what i've been up to the last 3 days.

So now, i'm gonna share with you guys my awesome experience. Although 10hrs of standing hours was really suffering, totally tormenting my legs, yet the job was fun! I'm serious! All you need to do was just promote your customers about the Exchange Programme then just change the razors for them. And i also need to promote the refill pack of blades.

Encountering different kind of person was kinda fun, you definitely won't feel bored at all. And i LOVEEEEE encounter different person. And most of the people i encountered was uncles. The talkative type, the shy type, the serious type, the refuse-to-any-promotion type, the hilarious type, the 'cheapo' type, the kepo type, the ridiculous type...etc etc etc etc. COUNTLESS! Can you see there are so many kind of human in this world? And yeah, that was fun discovering human nature!

And the happiest thing was, i can see so many babies came to shopping with their daddy mummy! OMG so effin cute lo! I kept playing with those kiddo when i was working as well. Haha can't resist the cute-ness of babies! :P

Ok well, the first day i went to Jusco, i was totally intimidated by the unfamiliar looks around, the security guards, the staff working there, the managers. But i need to put my guts on, i totally understand this is what i had to go through. I waited for my supervisor at the staff entrance, was kinda afraid to meet up with her too, as i don't know what kind of person was her.

Luck lady really fell on me this time, thanks you. She was really a nice person. Not bossy, friendly, her talking way also soft, and she looks kinda pretty too, just not a young-pretty lah.

And remember what i mentioned in my previous post, i said i will be working in Watson right? But I was working inside Jusco lol! My agent gave me the wrong information, i was embarrassed that i already told the guards i'm gonna work at watson. Luckily my supervisor helped me to explain also.

I was in a real mess the first day at the staff entrance, as the rules are strict for workers in jusco.

-Nails must be short
-No jeans are allowed
-Must wear skin-colour stockings
-Hair must tied up into a bun and all pin up in a tidy way.

My problem was my hair the first day, you know i've got loads of baby hair so when i tied up also cannot be that tidy one unless i apply on gel. So the woman guard was 'briefing' me about the things i've did wrongly. I just nodded my head. Rules are not meant to be broken.

The challenge of that day was setting up the booth. Me and my supervisor were squeezing our brain juice so hardly just to figure out how to set up the booth WITHOUT the complete set of things. The set was incomplete so we don't even know how to set it. At last, we were able to pull it through, but there were some flaws la, must be careful if not it will collapse also. So yeah, it actually lasted for 3days. ;) *claps claps to us

After setting up the booth, i need to start my job with counting stocks available. Then started to promote my stuff to the customers. I thought no one know about the exchange programme, but i was wrong! The first customer came when i was setting up the booth! Haha he read about this at the paper obviously. Smart! :D

The flyer of the Exchange Programme

And i was wrong about another perception. I always thought being a flyer girl was easy, just to give away flyers to customers. But hell no, nowadays, customers don't usually take your flyer. They just give you a hand sign, then you know what happened. Some even returned to you, and some don't read it! I was kinda sad lo really. Now i know the feeling of promoter when their customers dont read their flyer.

Some customers weren't interested in what i was talking about, but tell you what, they lost their great opportunity to own a FREE NEW RAZORS WHICH WORTH RM22.90! The free razor is a new product from Schick, name Quattro Titanium. 4 coated titanium blade + 1 edging blade, lubrication strip attached too!

What a great deal! Exchange ANY BRAND of razors, but must be those system razor NOT disposable one then you can get a Quattro Titanium FOR FREE!! You usually can get a system razors around RM5++, or RM10++, but this one RM22.90 weih! Why not? Am i right?

basically there were these thing on my tables.
- free sample
- flyers
-lists of customer that exchanged their used razors.

The first day, 40++ razors exchanged.

So yeah i also have to deal with those fussy customers. And some they brought their Disposable razors and i can't exchange for them, according to the rules and regulations.

Some customers they will complained like, " aiyah paper also never wrote mah..."

Then i will be like " system razors are referring to this kind of razor. not disposable one" lol

But if those customers were being really good to me like, keep begging me, or telling me the reason, all the way he came down from far away just to exchange, but all rejected, i will be, " alright, you can get a new one" ;)

If those customers are being really rude then i will never give them one, but fact was, i didn't really encounter that kind of customers. Lucky me! Heh.

And some customers told me, " aiyah why you din tell me earlier...i didn't bring my razors "

Then i said " there are ads on the paper, and this event are going to be 3days frm now, you can come back later! "

And yeah, i succeeded! Many customers came back on the noon, night, saturday or sunday! Some even came back twice just to exchange. And the most ridiculous one was the uncle that came back 5 times! zomg. But he was talking to me about our university, then had a quite long conversation with him. Haha. So he came back twice on friday, twice on saturday and once on sunday! LOL.

There you go, free samples of the razor!

The second day, time was passing quite fast! As there were MORE customers came here. And i got to know with the staff working there. They are all elder than me, and they were really funny! When i heard what they talked, i was like " wah, those adults talk about things like teenagers too! " hahaha.

I got very well with another pregnant staff, she is also new there, and when we both got nothing to do, we will be gossiping the guards, the customers, the man-nature, anything we can chat.

Then those aunties were treating me very good, they wanted to treat me hotdog, then wanted to treat me juices, as they were all samples as well. Haha lucky me! And i talked alot with those aunties as well, some i chat about the uni life, some i chat about her children, some i chat about sanitary pad. Yeah, just to kill time when there were no customers. tsk tsk~

Second day, 120++ razors exchanged!

Sometimes, those malays staff will be asking me, " Sudah kahwin kah moi? "

I was like " SAYA MASIH MUDAH LAH! "

I think they saw the ring on my hand. Haha funny shit! that is only for decoration lah.

And every people was shocked when they knew that i came from Kelantan.

Most of them will tell me " Huh? You don't look like u come from kelantan, i thought you came from KL or Johor. " True, many ppl told me the same damn thing.

And the aunty asked me " Kelantan got this kind of chinese meh? You're considered very white kind one leh. I thought kelantan chinese all are same like Sarawakian, and Sabah-ians. "

Tolonglah, every people thought that all chinese from Kelantan also black black one meh? We also pure chinese mah! Not like we're staying in islamic state, then our skin colour also will differ from others right? LOL. Sighhhh.

Back to the topic, the last day of the job! That day was pretty suay, i was late already, then i forgot to bring my handphone! Damn. Then i was like, ok la later break i go back take lah. Then when i went to the staff entrance, the guards said I CAN'T WEAR THE JEANS to job!

WAT THE HELL. The day before, i was wearing the same pants, and met the same guard, she was 'flirting' to the guy, so she din't notice about my pants, but that day she noticed about it when the other guards was joking with me. Then she insisted don't give me the pass, and I HAD TO DRIVE ALL THE WAY FROM JUSCO TO IXORA, just to change the pants!

That was why i scolded " Fuck You Bitch" in my facebook account. Thanks you guys for concerning about me, i'm doing good. Just the bitch ruined my day.

The last 2hrs of the job, there were still 60++ stocks available. I knew most of the customers wont be able to rush back to their home to get the razors and come back later again, so i just give them the razors away. I just asked them to write down their details for record. Hah.. people were being grateful. =D

That's all for my experience.I really would rather spend my time working than to wasted at home, doin thing! It would be perfect if i work from 12pm to 9pm. That would really be awesome! When doing job, i keep thinking, yeah i'm going to earn money, yeaaaa, totally spiced up my mind. :P

I was really fortunate this time because i met such a great supervisor and staff there. Only the guard offended me. Just chill~

Bye bye peeps! I hope you guys have enough patience to read this SUPER DUPER LONG post of mine! xoxo


  1. That uncle who visited you 5 times was damn kiasu lar weih! I'm glad that you're able to sustain through these working days! Happy exchanging ;)

  2. haha.. very funny la you..
    That's part of uni / college student life..
    Anyway , still need to be careful and alert when talking to strangers..

    p/s : next time if have free sample must keep it for me ya..i belongs to "cheapo" type.. haha

    Thumbs up for your courage !

  3. Jennie - Hahaha yea right :) Will tell you guys more about my stories XD

    Anonymous - Haha thanks! Alright, next time u shall visit my blog more then u ll know whether there is an sample giving away for free or not XD

  4. we'll meet different kind of customers.. annoying ones will surely be really troublesome :)