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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Current Report

Hyellow readers, i'm back on track again! I am able to update my blog so frequent recently all due to the streamyx is back!

Anyway, NO thanks to the streamyx staff because i always wonder why it takes forever for them to come back fix a same damn problem encountered by our modem. What pissed me the most, it only took a few mins for them to fix the prob, while we need to wait ages for them to come fix it! -.-

Well, been cough cough and some minor flu happened to me recently..seems like the virus knows how to fly from one to another. My roommate just recovered from that and i got it. But thanks to god, it wasn't a serious one =D

On a brighter note, i just received a good news from my family this evening! Guess what? Jeng jeng jeng jeng~ My youngest brother got 6As in his UPSR! Although no full As, but still i'm very satisfied with his result. And he even scored As for his chinese subject which he sucks the most. Happy for him :) very very much!

from left:brother,me & apple
HAHA he looks so dark!

I blurred my face because i was so fugly.
And this is the only pic he don't show any stupid face. :D

I was searching through my computer so hard just to search a pic of him
ngehehehe he did not know i took this!

Isn't he cute? haha my brother is really cute!
In the way he talks, jokes, acts..everything!

Honestly, it was kinda hard for me to accept the fact that he is growing up already. Despite his body size is still small, he is really growing up. Ahhh, wonder how am i going to hug him anymore when he is 16 one day and already have a girlfriend! *grumpy!

Yea i do miss him! And hey readers, i still remember i have another younger brother lah. Haha later you all say im unfair because i never mention about him (once or twice got lah..:P) Just he is 17 now and i got along WAY BETTER with the youngest one. :P But still, good luck to his SPM which coming soon! I know somehow he will read this one. All the best yang!

Ok~do you guys still remember i mentioned that i spoiled my phone months ago? Haha! Finalleh, i've got my new baby. I've been waiting for it so long and eventually it released on the 14 of october.

Presenting my new nokia X3-02! And yes it is in white colour. I wanted a purple-like colour actually but it did not released in M'sia. And since the phone seller, boyfren also said that white colour is nicer, so i just took it. lol~

X3-02 Touch and Type

Isn't it cool? Can touch screen and keypad too!

And it freaking costs me only RM600! For the orignal product somemore! It is very affordable price for a phone like this, which having WLAN function as well. And the phone seller gave me 2gb memory card and another screen protector. Hehe. I'm so in love with my phone now.

And i know so many people are into Iphone4, Blackberry or Android Phone. I am into blackberry too, but u know, i don't wanna burden my parents as they're paying for my phone bills. When i've got my own salary, i will own one bb. :)

Yes baby! The picture above shows the look of mine BEFORE my bang cut! Anyway, i just cut my bangs! I'm stil not getting used with it. NO pic will be shown as i don't really have time to snap snap recently. Heh, my new fringe reminded me of the good old times when i was in secondary school. Elaine said i look like a little girl nao. :O

Last but not least, listen to this if you are a glee-freak like me. (Not really a real one, but i enjoy every songs of them)

Teenage Dream by Glee.

and this! Love the way you lie Part II. My current favourite and also my ringtone :D

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