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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Attention to MMU girls!

Attention :

" Galz from MMU...
Attention.. Our campus got 1 pervert black guy(may be indian).. He had
molested a Chinese galz and he show his xxx to my friend.... Dont walk
alone after 5pm in campus... Please Share This..."

Whoops, one of the friend in my facebook posted this on my wall last night. She reminded me to inform every girl friends of mine which studying in MMU Melaka. So here, attention! LOL

When i was reading this, i was like, seriously? Oh well...i've been listening to lots of rape cases that happened in my apartment, but i still doubt about it. You know, i don't really saw it, and i just heard about it. And there are so many different version about that. Rumours, u know.

Despite the level of believing it was kinda low in me, still it raises my awareness. I know i have to be careful when i am alone, especially at the freaking midnight! Rumours do help in increasing awareness i guess. :P

And about the pervert appeared in our campus, i guess he might really gone nuts because he dare to show his penis to others! Omggggg. Disgusting lol. He don't shy meh?! Ewwww!

How if i show him my scissors if he really happened to show me his penis? I MEAN IF! Hahaha. Just kidding, I SWEAR I WILL NEVER WANT TO MEET THIS KIND OF PERVERT! But...will he immediately run away from me? Haha

This is what that teo jiji told me, he said guys scare scissors the most! So maybe, this way is going to be effective =P

Well message of this post is clearly seen above, am i right? So be careful ok!

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