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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wonderful 19th Birthday Part III

Greetings! :)

Yeah here, i'm gonna continue to update my birthday post. This will be final part i guess. Alright, the finale episode will be the birthday i celebrated with my besties at MMU. They are those i knew since last year, and until now, we are still get along so well. (:

I was at my hometown on my birthday, i did received a surprise present from them.What a surprising post express from them.Hehe i will reveal what's that later on.

And they promised to celebrate with me during xiuxiu's birthday because my birthday and xiuxiu's birthday only 3days difference. Hers was 19th oct.

We were quite tired that day because all of us woke up darn earli to go for the manual registration thing in campus, wth got so fed up with the system. anyway, everything is settled right now.

Physically tired, yet the spirit was there.As usual, went out to have a walk at Dataran Pahlawan, and catched a movie called Buried. They were groaning about the movie but i found it kinda interesting and creative. Perhaps that movie was kinda low-cost cuz there was only ONE scene. And the story line also sort of gan jiong, i mean, FOR ME la. But if you're a normal ppl like any other, don choose this movie. Hahaha.

After the movie, went to Wok and Pan for dinner. That was the first time we been there, although we heard good feedback from this restaurant like ages ago. And yes, those feedback are proven to be right. The cons about that restaurant was only the area of the restaurant is kinda small, can't really fit that much people.

My golden words here - next time, reserve before u wanna dine in. (:

And the time to wait dishes were really long. What to kill time? Talking + Snapping. Hoooha!

Xiu xiu & Ple ple

Jenny & the birthday girl

Elaine and ME

Free garlic bread given here.

My bf's favourite here. Fusion Burger. Fusion of pork and beef.

Deng deng, time to sing happy birthday! And spot wat they wrote on our birthday cake. Must be that sim cher chong's idea. -____________-

"Happy 19th Birthday o0o Ying & o0o Xiu"
And we concluded that Nadeje is better than Secret Recipe!

Happy birthday to both of us!

And so, the tradition goes like this.


#1 Snap a pic with a candle-lighted cake

#2 Make wishes.

#3 Blow the candles.

#4 Cut the cake.

#5 She kissed me. ***** Optional

and i kissed a girl. LOL ***** optional too.

#6 A proper group pic with cake. Normal one.

And abnormal one. tryna guess what those guys were trying to act?

Ok fine, ignore the o0o the guys gave us. because i always give them that o0o too! Muahaha. Oh don't mistaken, i'm not that rude, still i'm that rude. lol idk what i am talking about.

Went to have a stroll near the Melaka river. Because NOTHING TO DO MAH! Can anyone tell me what to do in Melaka other than Sing K, GSC, Jonker Street....? Plus plus that day was tuesday! No jonker street!

All girls and a pondan.

Yiippe we are officially 19th years old now!

Let's go straight to the part the present they sent me. Hehe. It was on saturday which was my birthday, i received a parcel from Gdex. I was kinda shocked, so i teared it off immediately.

This small card was attached on the present paper. SOON, i figured it out who sent me this. And i called Jenny to ask for a confirmation. Hahaha. SURPRISING ENOUGH!

A mini short skirt i spotted on IwearSin earlier!

Thanks to the super observant Elaine, she said i showed her once that i like this skirt alot. hahaha. And thanks to the awesome planner Jenny who planned this so sam fu, and kept calling the staff of Gdex and Iwearsin. Also thanks to rest of the ppl for the present! I like it alot!!

Here is the BONUS part of the post.

Present from ze love one ♥

More than enough for me, seriously.Thank you dearie. I felt your sincerity when you were trying to spot for the kind i will most probably like it, and you succeeded. You know, i'm a random girl. Haa!And there was a misunderstanding before i got back here. So here, let me tell you. Why would i felt shame about having a boyf that is considerate yet pamper me as if im like his daugther. Hahah, ya not a princess, but a baby daugther. ♥ you!

Ok next, the present from my beloved cousin! Angelene Ong! She was such a sweetheart that she brought to me when i was at the mall w my friends. She was so cute that she afraid i might not like it and kept explaining to me. I like present full of sincerity alrite! =)

And last, a birthday email far far away from United State! The one i've been missing alot ever since he went to US. We were trying to contact each other but too bad the time in US and M'sia are different. When i am ready to off to the bed, he just woke up from his bed, probably. So hao, don worry, i never forget about you, but i miss you alot! Seeing the pic of 3 of us reminds me of old times. We never missed to celebrate our birthday every year but not this year. Imissyou!

That's all for my birthday posts. Sorry for the delay and now it is end of the posts. Enjoy reading!

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