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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wonderful 19th Birthday Part II

The day i turned into 19 (ii) ;

So yeah, this is the part II of my birthday post! been anticipating much? Aha. Alrite, no crap let's get straight to the point!

On the morning of my birthday, i suggested to go for a picnic at the beach, which located at the outskirts of the town. Tok Bali I heard there was a newly build villa, i wanted to see why it attracted so many ppl there!

Rebecca, Yeewen, Xiaowei, Jiawen & ze birthday gal, woke up pretty earlier that day just to prepare! I was preparing turkey ham egg sandwiches for those girls. Xiaowei prepared drinks, yeewen prepared hotdog with cheese, jiawen prepared chocolates, while for Rebecca, she provides transport! She drove all the way from Kubang Kerian to Tok Bali! Ahah


We don't really know the way to Tok Bali, but we've got GPS! =D and finally, we reached there safely. I think we took around more than 30mins to reach there.

The weather is getting hot when we reached there, thanks god the BIG UMBRELLA was provided! Although we were not allowed to use that facilities as those are provided for the guests of the villa. haahaha. Oh ya the name of the villa is Villa Daniella.

Becky with her cute smile!

Nono this is not jiawen, she is the worker of that villa. Thanks makcik! :P

The swimming pool of the villa.


Xiao wei chatted with me in msn few days ago, so i asked her for the hint for my present. She told me that, my present is a limited edition i was thinking what was that for all day long. Until today, the answer revealed. Hohoho *bigWIDEsmile*

The gave me the pressie because xiaowei says it's was too heavy already, she hided it in her bag for the whole morning. Hahahaha i was like... " Oh my godddddd! " when i saw the packet of the present.

It's the icon i love the most! Hello Kitty! =D

She was so gonna swallow up my present!

So yeah this is the present. I shall revealed what's inside later. Ngiak ngiak!

The sun wasn't that kind that day, we were forced to hide under the umbrella to have our picnic! We were eating and sambil chatting/gossiping. We always have tons of topics to be discussed, last time when xiaowei were still at melaka, it was easy for us to have a gathering among Kelantan's gang, but now when she left to cyber jaya, we only met a few times when she came down to Melaka or when we are back in town.

There's a beach, there's a camera! =D

Xiao Wei was the one who gave the idea of giving me such an adorable pressie!
I said, she knows me very well!

Papiyo never fails to make funny face!

That's was my shade!

Little Miss Bad & Little Miss Splendid

Regardless of the scorching sun, papoi papiyo the sea-lovers off to play with the waters!

Xiao wei with her newly-rebonded hair. Looks nice eh? =]

Hardly open my eyes while camwhoring

Meditating? =.=


We left the beach around 12pm and we went to have drinks at kb mall. Like i said, the sun was very unfriendly that day. We got to went there at the morning because we still had programmes at the night!

So once again, thanks to this bunch of bffs who made my birthday morning another wonderful one! Love ya'all!


At ze night of my bday, i asked my best friends at my hometown for a dinner at a malay restaurants-Wau! Those ppl are Kuei ping, Jiawen, Chaihong, Xiaowei, and also the guys, HauHeong, Chengwei, Xinjie and Xinsheng!

As usual, we love to crack jokes among each others flaws and whatsoever issues we would ever think of. I can barely consume the food i ordered because i laughed too much. It was really fun to listen to their jokes on others, or even on myself. HAHAHA.

Basically, that dinner was really that simple! No candles as well, i asked them not to waste bucks on cakes as my mom will bake us one.But just a cheese cake.So yeah, not much to be said, just enjoy the photos =D

Strange glasses. LOL

Cheese Cake~

I ordered Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin. Yeah NICE!

Jiawen-ness. Waitress of the restaurant. HAHA

A thousand attempts to take tis pic.Seeing the camera man to avoid laugh is the hardest task!
I got hell lots of version of the pic of 5 of us.Hahaha

Ok la she's not the worker or waitress. She is my best fren who don't read my blog!

My sexy ping, she can laugh at whatever stuff.Haha

My rainbow.Congratz on ur new relationship!
You will have my blessings! =)



Look at xsheng's gay face.He said wanna copy me! Ish

2skinnies beside 2fatties.Muahahaha i admit im fat ok!

After the dinner, we were really lost.We don't know where should we head to as u know, kb such a boring places.But, the guys came up with an idea that they wanted to go for pool nearby. Nothing to be better than that, as they said this place isn't that crowded and not much people one.

I went there, then i saw a familiar group of guys playing snooker there.Guess who i met? MY BROTHER and his buddies! the younger one not the youngest of course.I was like, ' the bag that one carrying kinda familiar..." then i was thinking and *poof* It was my brother!

I went up to confront him, i thought he was cheating on my mom that he skipped his tuition then came here.His friends were laughing non stop at him as well. Well, a total misunderstanding, his tuition was cancelled so he came here. But i never knew a book worm like him will come to place like this! And yes, i told him, DON'T tell mom i came here too. hahaha

Spending an hrs to see the guys showing their pool skills. Not bad though, and funny enuff to tease at them.Hahaha. Anyway we had a great day that day. =)

Last but not least, wanna know what the present inside? Heh, It was a Limited Edition Hello Kitty Perfume! I'm totally in love with the smell of the perfume, it's so pleasant to me. Although some of the friends that shared my present cannot make it on my celebration, yet thanks to them! I know i've mentioned so many times but still, i felt touched, sincerely. =)

Hello Kitty says hello!

Okay, i will update another celebration which i had with my MMU besties soon. Stay tune again =D


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