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Friday, October 22, 2010

Wonderful 19th Birthday Part I

The day i turned into 19 (I) ;

Hey readers, i promised i will update my birthday post within this week rite? Sorry for my bad, hostel line sucks, i even hardly load my fb or twitter. Sad case! Our house's streamyx encountered some prob, AGAIN. Damn, hate it. The hostel line only works faster when there is NO ONE, like weekend, everyone going back to hometown. Oh well~ today is friday, everyone is leaving here i guess.

Well, not much to be rant about the internet line, everyone knows it. Let's save up time to talk more about my birthday! Ngehehe, i'm now officially 19. Older & older of course! Truth is, everyone need to grow up. And i'm growing up =)

So it was fortunate for me that i got a semester break during my birthday, which means i can celebrate my birthday in my hometown! Yay, been missing the hometown friends alot!

Firstly i celebrated my advanced birthday on 15th of october, which was the one day earlier than my actual birthday with the pretty girls! Ahahaha! Actually it was only a simple dinner with a few of babes and a lot of laughter! So much to talk about the past and the current.

There were Zie Kie, Yibi, Yeeying and also Siau Hom. Jane couldn't join us for the dinner cuz she got to attend a birthday celebration by her cousie. They suggested to go Kenny Roaster for the dinner so yeah..let's go.

And i was pretty late that day, cuz i drove! Hahahahah no lah, the sky was kinda dark so yeah, i need to drive slowly and needa fetch the two missy at panji. Heh sorry yibi and yeeying!!!

Cheese Macaroni is my top choice all the time. =D

This is yibi with her smoked bbq chicken.

We were all famished and wasted no time to eat rather than snap pictures! Zie kie even claimed that she had no mood for snapping yet. After filled our tummy, and the mood was there already! I bet the malays around us were getting irritated with us already cuz we made so much noises and keep snapping pic as if there were nobody's there.

Here, not much to be said. Let's the pictures do the talking. =) Photos credit to Yibi. I love all the photos!

Heh not to forget about the present!

The present is specially from Yibi! Hahaha. Guess what's inside?

See i'm so happy with the present! I shall keep this mysterious first. :P

So yeah, this was the simple advanced birthday celebration with the lenglui's group. Hah! Although no cake was there yet i think it was enough for me to have a gathering with those girls. Thanks for the lengluis below. =)

Love you all so muchie! We shall meet and crack MORE jokes again alrite! You guys must work hard for your stpm ok! I always support you all, in mentally. Hehehe. I miss you all so much. =)

To end this post, i would like to reveal what's inside the present from yibi.

Jeng jeng jeng jeng!


The olympus camera battery which i'm dying to get it! As you know my camera battery is getting older and it sucks. And she gave to me as present. THANKS ALOT! I love present which is useful =)

Ok~this is the first part of my birthday post.I will update more.Stay tune!


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