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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Perfect Getaway During The Holidays!

Hyeeellow readers! ;

Hoho see i'm so hardworking keep updating my blog huh? Yes truly i am. Because i'm so free! I love it when i don't have things to be concerned, and i have plenty of time to do stuff i like, keep it in slow pace, best things ever!

Too bad, time passes a lil' too fast and i'm going back to my Uni life soon. So long my home, my extremely-free-of-confusion life. Well, it's not a bad thing after all, we human don't live in too-relax-life forever, at least we need to be keep ourselves busy. And so, we are feeling productive this way. ;)

Whoops, talking too much crap, am i? Sowee readers, i used to blog like this. Oh well, i bet most of you guys already saw the album i posted in facebook last week, it's about the Port Dickson trip. Now only i'm going to blog about this. Haha so-called hardworking yea?

And, bet you guys already read Jennie's blog about the PD trip? She is a very hardworking blogger compared to me. Haha. Click here to read hers.

Remember the post about Muar trip? I did mentioned that we went to visit muar after our final exam , right after the Muar Trip we went to Port Dickson on Sunday. =) We planned it in a earlier time and booked the resort earlier.

Camwhored b4 heading to PD!

Banana Boat 50 SPF Sun Block iz a MUST!

We need to fill our stomach before embark on our journey. So guess what? Dim Sum Hours!

Excitement plus enthusiasms kept us energetic the whole morning, so as the drivers, Tan Fei & Zhi Qin. We departed at 11am. After an hrs plus of journey, finally we reached our resort! Glory beach resort. The arrival time was out of expectation, as we tot we would reach late, but we were wrong, undeniably the location of this resort is easier to find. Of course with the aid of GPS and Google Maps. =)

Driver of ze day-my super cool boyfie! Haha!!

Can't wait to look around the resort once we reached there. And i rated it as 3/5. The price is kinda affordable yet the facilities and atmosphere those only moderately good. It's okay, as long as we had fun. The place doesn't matter, the people tagged along matter! :D

Looking good here. The swimming pool of the resort.

Non stop snapping too! Especially we girls!

We walked around and exploring the environment there while waiting for our check-in time, which is at 3pm.

Hah wishing well there and me and xiu made a wish by throwing coins!

Ka-cha.Apple ang you were not there again!

The gentlemens. Never easy to ask them for a pic.LOL

She has a nice hat!

And i have a cool shade ;)

Jenny looking good all the time! How fair is her! :)

Elaine has the best smile ever. (:

Us again! Canot blame the guys hate camera.

Love birds!

The toilet =P

After checked in the hotel then we were non stop snapping again! This time, with jennie's camera Smile Detection function to take our whole group pic. Haha.

Group Pic of the day!

Take 1 2 3!

Our apartment's balcony!

What do you usually do when you visit a resort? Yea right, we went swimming at around 4pm. After kao kao lat applied the sun block all over our body we're ready to go! And there was a hilarious scene happened which Teo Zhi Qin as the main character. Haha you should read jenny's blog to know more about that. LMAO.

Spent 1hours ++ swimming then we all prepared up as to get ready for Dinner at the night! Jenny had did some research on the famous seafood restaurant- Jiu Li Xiang,we drove quite a long time to get there. So let's the photos do the talking alrite? I'm a lazy worm. :S

Before makan also need camwhore. :S

Typical tie pan tofu

Failed steam fish. =/

Marmite Chicken

Fried sotong. Muaaa favourite among all the dishes!

Butter Prawn.

Ahh those photos succesfully made me feel hungry at this hours.Overall, those dishes weren't that satisfied, yet NOT too bad as well. It worth my "Ok,Ok" only.

Our tummy were all bloated and we decided to take a stroll at the beach nearby.Oh hell yeah, the beach there were much more prettier than to the beach near to our resort.

Took a pic at the seaside. Wonder what's stick on zq's hair. HAHA

The boy says : Peace!

He looks like a little kiddo here, aren't he? Haha

Photos inspired by meteor garden.LOLLLOLLL

So we actually had a plan to celebrate Cher Chong's birthday at PD as it was his birthday on the next day, which is 4th of october. Boyf, Foong and Cher Chong are huge fans of football and they die die also need to watch that match, Arsenal vs Chelsea. They went out to nearby mamak to watch. When they came back, we wanted to give CC a surprise but we failed so badly that he smelled burnt candle in the toilet. Haha! Still hope you like the 'surprise' celebration and the pressie. ;)

Happy birthday hyper super best fren, nah o0o!

Shooo naked guy!

Girls, it's time to take off our lens! =]

We brought some beers and wine all the way from melaka, and someone suggested we must play a game using the poker, who were to lose, he/she needed to drink a glass of wine. So yeah, you know a alcohol-noob like me, are easily to be beaten down by the alcohol. The worst thing was, once i started, i can barely stop! So i was drinking, quite a lot. Zq, Jenny, Elaine were already stop once they notice they had a lil' drunk, but not me!

I was literally drunk-er than last time.They said i was acting funny while i was drunk. The boyf kept asking me to the bed, i guess i was a lil' reluctant. LOL. So god knows what happened next. Haha and hey guys, sorry for making so much noises that day. I mean, i am totally out of control, and idk why i will burst into tears as well. I swear, it's totally OUT OF CONTROL. And it's effect of the alcohol la man.

And thanks very much to those girls for keep comforting me! But not the cc and zq cause i can barely heard they were laughing at me! Stupid fellasssss. Last but not least, thanks to the boy that kept comforting me and drove me to dreamland. :)))

Don worry about me, because its totally purely effect of alcohol only! And i promise, no more next time! Hahaha i know u guys are scared of me already. :P

Thanks for the concern.I love you guys. xoxo


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