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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Music Sharing Night

Pfffffsss ;

Hyelloo readers, i'm back!!! Okay fyi my final ended on 30th of sept and i went to muar, PD for vacation and im currently at seremban with elainie. Feeling sleepy and exhausted since i've been travelling a lot this few days. Gonna have a good rest once i reach home. Comfie bed here i come. It would be perfect if my sweetie hubbie were there too. I was mentioning about my pillow which i always called him hubbie. Haha.

Going back to kb this wednesday! Yay, can't wait to meet up with my family and friends over there. This is going to be a more-than-one weeks holidays. and i promise i will update my blog as frequent as i could in this holidays! Hoooo. :D

So, I'm always late for post and u knew it. And now i'm going to post about the ages ago Music Sharing Night which is before the study break/raya. Hohoho, late eyh? But at least i didn't ignore it and posting it now! :D

Let's have a brief introduction about the music sharing night organized by COS. The objective is for those new learners to present what they had learned in the first semester and share it with other members.

I'm currently a member of COS - Chinese Orchestra Society. Not only me participating in this event, while Apple, Xiu Xiu, Elaine and Jenny took part too. Xiu Xiu and Elaine were learning 中阮 (idk what it called in english and i'm so lazy to google if you wanna know in english u can just google it here.hee ) While apple, jenny and me are learning 扬琴.

Before the performance starts, let's introduce our cute yang qing's teacher!!! Hahaha. He is so cute and we love to tease him while attending our lesson. Isn't he kiut? :D And we just called him Lao Shi Lao shi despite he is having the same age as us. Haha

We were asked to dress in black so here's the look of myself before heading out.

Lao shi said we had to be there at 5pm so we can practice more before the performance starts.

Our music instrument. Cool not?

Jen was practicing her song.

not forgetting to camwhore! :D

Here is the set up for our stage.

Lalala...again :P

Xiu Xiu and Elainie.

Five of us!!!

Chubby roommate, i miss you!!

Too excited to start our virgin performance at MMU!

steal from jen's blog. Haha

After a few performance then it was our turn! Feeling mixed feeling at the moment as we were anxious and excited. Anyway, the performance turned out good. Our effort paid off. Phewww~

The zhong ruan's team.

P/s: Do not have the pics when we were performing, those were kinda blur. Hee.

Performances ended around 10something and it was actually the anniversary for the club.We sang the birthday song and had delicious yummy cake later on.

Not to mention, the photo taking session of every group. here's ours!

The whole COS members!

After that we went to celebrate Jenny's advanced birthday and i'm gonna update that asap. In a nut shell, i really appreciate what i had learned in COS and the experience i gained in this event. Thanks all especially my cute lao shi! :)

Nites ya'all. :)