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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Muar Trip the second!

Good afternoon kb! ;

Greetings from KB! Yea, right i'm currently at my hometown & i'm going to stay here for 10++days! Yeah, i love holidays and i love home! You know when you're at home, your parents never stop pampering you and keep feeding despite they already complained that " hey girl you're getting fat. " yet, they still buy me anything i would like to eat. This is love and i knew it. I feel totally LOVED at this home.

Staying home is great. But staying home means more time to spend, so now i'm free to update my blog. Hooohoo, bet you guys already saw the pics i uploaded in my facebook few days ago, about my Port Dickson trip? Ok, but i'm NOT going to update that one first, i have got another trip to update, wait for's Muar trip! again and again, but this time w xiuxiu. Hahaha.

We always love to visit Muar because the food there are real tempting and keep us back again and again. Somemore, we had too much time to wait for our PD trip. (fyi, the muar trip is before PD trip) This time, we spent one night at there, staying at tanfei's home. :)))

We departed at around 1pm, we were ready for lunch!

My new shade. ;)

Sooo our first stop, the fried prawn mee! FTWWW. this is my favourite cuz i always wanted to eat this when i'm at muar. Hahaha. According to the muar-rian, there is no such things as prawn mee in soup as what we usually seen in our foodcourt, but only Fried Prawn Mee. Undeniably, it's better than the soup one. Love it!

The following pic shows some familiar places huh? Yea, the housing area which sells biggest and juicy otak-otak. too bad when we reached there the boss said we need to wait around 30mins to get our otak. So we left and never come back again. LOLLL

About the below pics, it's yummilicious food from Tanjung..

Ice kacang w ice cream on top.

Plum drink!

My top favourite Rojak!

My hyper super best fren was talking to Elaine. LOLLLL.

Weather is too hot that i got to tie up my hair. Camwhore again!

Another thing attractive about tanjung is the Monkeys!!! There are tons of monkey near the tanjung there and i always wanted to go n see them whenever i was there. I did not take any pics of them btw.

Funny scene : the monkey climbed on the car and freaked me out, consequently my scream freaked the rest of the ppl in the car. And they said it's my scream freaked them out not the monkey. LOLLL.

Hahaha. I love to see how those monkeys act like a human. It's interesting! Don't you think so? :D

Recognize the durian?

Absentee : Apple Ang! She had to go back JB earlier.

Finally, the guys wanna take pic. But not tanfei!

The cute couple!

Xiuxiu and me~

Me and elaine! See any diff w my face from the top and this?? Haha

Note:It would be perfect if Apple Ang were there! :((( Stupid roommate, next time we must go again ok!

Guess who was the driver? Easy!

For the dinner, we went to eat Asam Fish. Jenny came to join us at the time, but that teo jiji was so desperate for basketball that he gave up eating asam fish with us!

Fried sotong with sambal. Spice up your taste bud!

Fried Kembong Fish. Careful of the bone!
I got one stucked in my teeth and its so painful.

The character of the day : Asam fish! The base is very sour, i swear.
The speciality about muar's asam fish!

Not to forget, Steam otak otak!

we ordered like 6dishes with 2plates of Asam fish, i tot the price would be hundreds something, but it turned out only rm9/pax. HOW CHEAP IS THAT????

We actually wanted to take Ah Peng Wan Tan Mian as supper at later night, but it didn't worked out. God knows why....Shhh. :D

We went to Carbana Bistro up to some persuasion.

Atmosphere there are quite good.Not much noises.


Nuts that keep you thirsty all the time!

After few cups of beer (not only few cups i guess), then consequently i went a lil' tipsy. Godknows what happened next... And they said, never let this girl near to any alcohol anymore. Haha i know i suck. Luckily i was with them when the time i was not sober, if not, i think i'm gonna killed by others cuz i made too much noise! And i was quite regret too that i drank too much. Sowee friends!

Anyway i was pretty sober the next morning, so i got up quite early then we went to take bak kut teh as brunch. Wasn't in the mood to take pic. After the brunch we went to Cheong K, and it's only RM10 nett /pax including a drink. Cheap eyh? Yea...Oh ya, we can sing for 3hrs.

LOL the toilet.

Back to melaka after that.I will continue to update my blog about Port Dickson soon alrite!



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