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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jenny 18th Advanced Birthday

Happy belated birthday jen jen ;)

Yeah, no mistaken i'm back to again! This is going to be the last night i spent with elaine and off i go back to kb! Mixed feeling right now, i'm kinda happy yet i'm not really that anticipate to go home. God knows i'm a grown up girl and i know seriously how to take care of myself. I just didn't like how ppl see me as a child which i'm NOT! Okay fine, wont talk about that. Let's blog!

So yeah, as the previous post mentioned, after our Music Sharing Night we off to celebrate jenny birthday. We decided to give her a surprise so we cheated her that we wanted to go for a movie, but there were none movies at all at the time! On the way there we told her that the hall was full already, no more tix and let's go to Amigo to take supper.

So me,boyf and apple reached first.And we wrote her the birthday card on the spot,as we were too busy to buy her pressie.We promised will give it to her once she is back from study week.

We bought her Liese Juicy Shower Moisturising hair mist as pressie after we back from study week. :)

Grilled chicken blar blar. Not that good. I always prefer Windmill.

After we ate our dinner, me and xiu said we wanted to go for toilet, in fact we were taking the cake from the fridge and light the candle for her.When Jenny saw it she was like, omgod! Totally surprised! hahahaha. Hope you likey babeh!

Though not much ppl can made it on your birthday as they were going back hometown already.Next year, your birthday bash would be awesome i swear! Happy birthday again Jenny!!!

She made two wishes as she mentioned in her BLOG .

Her hunny boy.He is also the most joker person among us.HAHAHA

Her hunny boy cracking jokes again.He is funny yet still a caring boyf.

A group pic without tanfei.He insisted to hold camera.

Happy happy. Apple face looks retard. hahaha

Me & the prettiest smile elainie!

Another pressie for her from Elaine.

Kisses from the gf to the bf. Stay sweet with this man alrite!

It was freaking tuesday, god knows there were no midnight shows, so we decided to chill at Brother John. No photos were taken as we just stay there for a while then go home for rest! we were exhausted for the COS thingie.

Camwhored damn lots once i reached home.Never get tired of camwhoring.Hohoho.Okay that's all for today! Gonna update lotssa stuff once i am home alrite!

By the way, you guys can read more details about jenny's birthday on her blog, HERE !



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