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Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.10.10 ♥ The 10 random facts about me

♥ 10.10.10 ;

Readers, it's 10th of October, Year 2010 today! As you know, chinese always believe in good date will bring good thing. So as me! I'm not kind of tradition, but i just literally love unique date.

Nothing is going to happen today, nah i'm not getting married, not getting engaged, not so whatever stuff, yet my life is usual as always. Woke up from my dream, doing some housechores, watching tv, and also bloggin like now. The main purpose i blogged this because i wanted to keep this date on my blog. Hahaha.

Alright, i'm trying very much effort to make this post interesting...let me think..hmm. Post up some random photos? Trying my best to search thru my drives.Fine, let's talk about random fact.


Random fact #1 - I attended a wedding dinner last night at Renaissance Hotel.May the bride and the groom love last forever.Every guest is given a pretty gift-pair of chopstick with the word "symphony of love" on it.I know i fail badly in posting with the chopstick la...I aint ANTM lo! :P

Random Fact #2 - Chocolate Volcano i ate months ago with the boyfie at his hometowm.He likes it sooo much!We also had cakes there but it wasn't that good.

Random Fact #3 - Had A&W Rootbeer with Xiaowei,Jiawen & Chaihong few days ago.My favourite things to do at kb-Tease Jiawen. =P

Random fact #4- Japanese Layer Cake.Nadeje's for two.My choice is tiramisu and his is Original.Anddddd i only like Cheese flavour.Hate it when they don have much choices.Next time i shall visit another branch Nadeje.

Random Fact #5- I wonder why time flies when staying at home although i didn't go for any outing.And i don feel bored at all! Perhaps this is the reason why i stay home. ;)

My mischievous plus very kiut brother!!! Jokes he crack, funny max!

Random Fact #6 - I have changed my new layout!Once u reading this you already knew it.Like it?I just wanted to change as its been ages i never really have time to edit.

Random Fact #7- Seriously, Glee season 2 and Gossip Girl season 4 are awwwesome! I'm kinda into it that i hate to wait every episode to release every week.Glee season 2 is a must for the song lovers.Admit it,the songs singing by them are really GOOD! Thumbs-up! And gossip girl is always my favourite.It's getting more and more excited! Well, i always love Blair over Serena.

Random Fact #8- Yours truly's birthday is coming soon! Heh! 6 more days. I am not anticipating for any surprise anymore this year, i know, those surprise already became old trick and it's not going to work.Yet i will appreciate who ever try to surprise me.I want to see how many friends of mine still remember my birthday. :P hahaha, in short, 有心就好 (:

Random Fact #9 - I actually blogged this at morning and posted up on my twitter.I had only 7facts that time, but when i was in the toilet i was thinking why don't i make it until 10facts so that it also represents today's date?Haha.So Fact #9 is nothing.LOL

Last Random Fact - Although i am having a good time spending at home, yet i still miss the anti-camera man so badly! U know who i am referring to as pic of him is really FEW in my blog.Bet he is having a good time with his friends at kl too. (: IMY ♥

Yiii, stupid!


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