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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Liese Bubble Hair Dye

Holla peeps! It's freaking midnight now and i am still slacking around here. FYI, tomorrow morning is going to be World War III as it's Subject Registration Day!

God knows why it's WW3. We humankind are type of kia-su, we sacrifice our sleep time, wake up in the early early morning to register. I NEVER DENY i'm NOT kia su. ;P

One min you're late, you're out.

Okie whatever, god po pi me please, i don wanna cause too much troubles like manual registration. And i got to handle two registrationas tomorrow morning, i doubt my ability. =\ godbless!

Let's blog about stuff, like this ----> Liese Bubble Hair Colour!

Sounds interesting, yeah. I bet everyone heard about this product which is so goddamn famous in M'sia now! But before that, i'm giving a warn to all of you readers, i'm gotta warn this otherwise i might get killed. *exaggeration but i guess i might get killed lol...

Warning - Do Not Tell My Mum About This!!!!

Reasons -
1st : She don't let me dye my hair. She said it's better for original hair.

2nd : Once someone told her, she will call me and !@#$%^&* me for sure.

3rd : She may cut down my allowance so that i can't buy any dye-ing

4th : Me and Her might having cold war.

** 5th : SHE CONFIRM WILL TELL MY DADDY!!!!! or whole kb. lollll

NOTE: She sounds cruel eh?But actually she is a very kind person but i just don want her to do anything to me because i dyed my hair!

And bet u guys will be asking, " U keep the secret also no use what, wait till she saw u also can know one..." etc etc etc ques like that rite.

Because that time rice already become porridge she can't do anything anymore! AHAHAHAHA!!! Perhaps that time she sees me she will be like " eii ying, pretty hair. u shud have dyed! ". But 80% she won't realize cuz she is kinda blur. Hahahahaha and somemore my hair colour not obvious also lah, UNLESS i dye it successfully tomorrow.

fyi boyf just bought me a new liese just now, i will dye it again tomorrow. =]

Enuff for that 'warning' stuff. Hee. Start to blog blog.

I always wanted to dye my hair because i'm kinda bored w my black hair. But then there are many told me that i look good in black hair including the boyf. I was once confused dye or not to dye but then i bought it already so just give it a try. Hee.

Got myself Liese Bubble Hair Colour in Mashmallow Brown at Jusco @ RM37++. Rounding off to RM38 lah. U can get it at Watson and Sasa too.

So damn popular now. LOL

In order for me to miss my black hair after i dyed it, i snap lotsa of photos. Hohohoho.

Take #1

Take #2

Take #3

See how serious were my "dark eyes circle"? Godness. Anyone provide me info about curing it? And i'm so noob that i only know how to edit the lightning of the pic, i din know how to make my dark eyes circle to disappear in PS4. :(

Take #4

Yipee! Nan de he also want to take pic with me! HAHAHA. I persuaded him, eh my black colour last time lah, take pic? Then direct Ok! Miracle!!! *laughs*

I decided to dye it at my boyf's home. Feng Shui house mah. LOL kidding. He wanted to see how much difference after i dyed it only. hahahaha. And i got 2 very professional assistants with me that day, boyfie and roommate! I din do it myself at all. Hahahaha.

Stuffs inside Liese!

Must use glove ok? aboh ur hand also dyed

So you will only need to follow the instruction given. It is already inside the box. Just mix the Solution 1 and Solution 2. Then shake it WELL. Not too vigorous. And apply it all over your hair, evenly. Wait for 30mins then wash it off with warm water and shampoo it. Apply on the hair lotion given at last. Sounds easy? Yea it really was.

But then this one should be DIY one lah but my pro assistants did it for me. Hee tengkiut!

I know this pic seems geli, but just to show u what. hahaha.
I think like a bird nest. eeeks!

Frankly, after 30mins i washed my hair i hardly see any colour until i flash my camera on my hair. And i keep standing under the light so i can see clearly. Okay there were brown, but very LIGHT brown. Results actually depends on your previous hair colour. And my previous hair colour was that kind or dark-black. Furthermore i never dye before, i guess it's hard to come out with obvious colour.

Before After

More obvious colour here.
PS:with the help of flash

But it's really nothing when you see me not under sunlight or light. But colour did change to bit bit obvious after few washes la. So i've decided to dye it again tomorrow. Hopefully it comes out better! :)

Overall, this product is kinda easy to be used. and it's CHEAP! Like u need to dye it in saloon for hundreds but this only costs you a few. While cons are : the colour might not same as the displayed pic. And the smell are horrifiyingly terrible! It lasts for weeks, especially when your hair gets wet. Euwwww.

See my hair after few days. Got some colour la atleast. o.O

Till then, i gotta hit my bed nao. Hugs and Kisses.



  1. interesting.. i never died my hair before :)

  2. ken, you should try! this is so easy. try it at home! :D

  3. Wow cool. (: so do you miss your black hair?

  4. Hahaa i wish to dye it moreeee brownish instead! :D