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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cyber Jaya Plus Sunway Pyramid 1DAYTRIP (part II)

Part II now ;

Heeeey, let's continue the part II for the cyber jaya plus sunway pyramid 1 day trip. Ok well, after we left cyber jaya campus we departed to Sunway Pyramid and say Hello to shopping world!

We took a rest in the bus during the 20mins journey due to all of us were too exhausted after visited the super huge campus. Sweaty as well. But it did not affect our mood to shop! After the rest we were all energized again :D

Reached there around 3.30pm something and we were told to gather at the entrance at 8.45pm. Whoa, 5hrs of shopping! No time to waste!!!

As yeewen were craving for ice-cream from Haagen-Dazs the first stop definitely be Haagen-Dazs ! When lah melaka will have the outlet???? We were so fortunate that the bus dropped us at the entrance which near to H-D! Hahahaha, so jom Haagen!

Before that, we met up w our highschool mates. Weewei, Pingjoon, Karhau, Hanhui, last but not least Elaine Chua! I was really happy to meet up w them, cuz it's been ages since the last time i met them.

Presenting Haagen-Dazs!

Bear bear & Me

Yeewen & Elaine!

Driver of ze day - WeeWei : He drove all the way from Uniten to here!

Elaine's Choice! Brownies is LOVE.

WW & Me's Choice! Strawberry Cheesecake & Belgium Choc

Yeewen's Choice!

She nvr failed to make a funny face on the camera!

He said my head looks smaller now.

The one & only one PRECIOUS group pic of us :)

After had HD, we off to shop. Hunt for things that we wanted. Too bad Becky and Elaine got to leave earlier as they had to attend an anniversary dinner at the night. So the SP tour guide aka "lengzai" Kar Hau brought us to shop shop.

I was totally clueless about SP as i often visit Times Square, Sungai Wang or MidValley only everytime i came down to KL. So having a tour guide is vital. :) But the guys were rushing to somewhere else at the nite so they got to leave earlier to avoid traffic jam.

Mega Sales is everywhere in KL now! I can't really see the thing i fancy that much anyway, the urge wasn't there. I will only buy that thing if i saw the thing i really really like, as if the thing is calling me to buy him home. Too bad!

Went to a walk at Asian Avenue, me and yeewen started to feel hungry. So many choice to made...Sushi Sakae, TGI Friday etc etc etc....but finally we decided to give Pasta Zanmai a try. I've been reading a lot of good feedback about this restaurant in the internet lately.

A Japanese Cuisine Restaurant that serves Pasta.

The ambience there was really comfortable. Needless to say, every food on the menu seemed tempting!! Time to make decision again...ahhh, hate to make it because i want to eat it all! Some more, the price are affordable. :)

Cold Green Tea. RM 3 ONLY. Can be refilled.

Isn't that big? o.O

We were attracted to the September Special menu. It is kind of combo set. So i ordered this, Mini nabeyaki pasta to kani no mentaiyaki tortilla roll

Pasta comes w soup and shrimp. Yum yum!

Tortilla Roll! THIS IS SUPERB!!! I kept praising this because this was satisfying. MAX!

And yeewen chose this. Mini Teriyaki Chicken Pasta to Mini Hotate Pizza

Undeniably the teriyaki chicken = TASTY!!

Woots Mini Hotate Pizza. Yeewen favourite!

Both of the set costs us RM23/each. I can guarantee to you that it is totally WORTH IT! Okie Dessert Time! I was full so i don't wanna order anything anymore as yeewen ordered Tiramisu. She told me it is a MUST to try tiramisu in every japanese restaurant.

There you go, Mr.Tiramisu w Strawberry.

YW w her satisfied face. :D

I also snap snap w the tiramisu. Also tasted a few. Thumbs-up!
It melts directly once it enters ur mouth. IMAGINE THAT!

Full full. We started hunting again. On the last few minutes i found a bag for myself and also a tee for boyf. Bonita bag in 70% sales! Can resist meh???? My answer is a big NO NO! RM129 org price so imagine after 70% discount? Cheap!

Tick-tock tick tock, time passes real fast! Time to go back to the historical city. :(

So that's all for the sunway pyramid post! Looking forward to my next post, i will be update about Liese Bubble Hair Dye! Toodles peeps.


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