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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cyber Jaya Plus Sunway Pyramid 1DAYTRIP (part I)


*Screammmmm* i'm back x 100000!

I'm sorry for being M.I.A lately since i've been busy with my COS stuff. Yea you know COS stands for Chinese Orchestra Society in my campus, and now i'm one of the member. I just finished my performance last night and i shall update about that sooon. :D

I have to update this cyber plus sunway pyramid trip first as my friends were asking me for the photos few days ago already. Ahh sorry people, i know i'm kinda late and ppl usually hate this kind of ppl like me! haha but i'm busy really, and now i sacrificed my nap to update this. XD

2weeks of study week has just started from now onwards!!! HOLIDAYS F-T-W!

Okay, i shall start-to-B-L-O-G.

Fyi, MMU IT Society organized this Cyber trip. The main objective is to let the new IT students to know more about the IT courses at cyber jaya mmu campus, also a tour to Cyber Jaya MMU Campus. AND the most important thing, SUNWAY PYRAMID! A zilliion thanks to the organizer, maybe this is another trick to trick us to the cyber trip yet it is still worth it!

Only RM15 From Melaka campus to Cyber campus, then from cyber campus to Sunway Pyramid then back to Melaka again! Wow great deal!!!

Heh, god knows i'm not from IT society nor a IT student, i'm just a typical business student here yet Yee Wen asked me to join them together so that we can visit Xiao Wei in cyber jaya. Becky, Yeewen and Me decided to join.

as usual, a camwhore pic before heading out. :P

We got to gather at our campus early at 8.30am in the morning and we took our campus bus there. Ohh familiar faces there! My orientation mates, some friend's friends, long-gone kawan etc etc etc...Took like 2hrs journey to reach Cyber Jaya campus. Didn't sleep in the bus cause i was really EXCITED!

And finally! We met our Ultra girl - Xiao Wei! We ran away from the group and start our own campus-walk w our tour guide. Hahahaha.

Cyber Jaya One Stop Centre.

Their CIMB. Which i think our campus has a better one HAHA

Tree planted by our previous Prime Minister!

She brought us to FIST building that she always attend classes here.

IDK what name of this building already but it looks so damn chio lor!
Why melaka campus don't have such building? :(

The melaka punya student.

Tour Guide wan shui! :B

Tell me that we are patriotic! LOL

I'm happy because i've got a proper group pic w yeewen! :D

Nice shoot ehyy~


I nge nge want take pic w the i-think-very-chio-de-building/wall. lol

See their administration office? SO MUCH BIGGER AND NICER THAN US LE!

one of the hall and it looks so huge that i only can took part of it. UNFAIR!

Group Pic of ze day! :)

We were at creative media building!

Okay my face looks big! LOL

I'm kinda tired now i think i will update the post about sunway pyramid once i'm free okay? PROMISE!!!

Note:I have so much to update other than that!!!


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