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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Talking about Life.

Hello peepsss ;

It's wonderful Sunday today, i slept from 4am to 2pm just now. OOooops, it's been so long i never slept for that long! Super comfy bed and super cold weather, and consequently my body was so reluctant to wake up. Heh...

Soooo, i always blog with pictures but not this time. Because my friends told me that my blog should be taking about life but not every post full with pictures and those...But i always thought blog without pictures is dull and bored! Cause when i was reading blogs without pictures i easily get bored and directly scroll down to some post that are having pictures. Of course i did read some of it, selective one, according to people. :P After heard what they told me last night, i guess i was wrong. Every ppl has the different taste.

I basically don't update my blog if i don't have a single pic. Usually only if i wanna spill something so desperately only i will blog without pic, this case is obviously few. Ok talking about life now...sincerely :)

Life, so far so, err-moderately-good. Not that bad luck anymore since last week. Okay fyi, last last week i just spoiled my phone which sticks to me for like 4yrs already. I always said i wanna change a new phone but the fact is i still have a strong feeling towards this phone. So it is no longer alive when i took it in the bathroom and then i tot it needs some bath(stupidity exaggeration only)....okay u know what happened next. I'm now processing to get a new phone. AM STILL WAITING!

Besides i spoiled my phone, i also slipped in the toilet 2weeks ago. My back was in serious pain, even if i lay, sit, squad, walking i will feel the pain too. Only if i stand still i won't feel pain. That was a worst experience i ever had, but thanks god from this experience i knew there are tons of people who are still caring about me. My roommate, darlings, boyf, buddies, bffs...they were there for me and lend their hand for me whenever i need help. I heart you all. :)

About the academic stuff, i am now left 2 assignments to be submitted on 4th of sept, and soooo u know Finals approaching soon! Woots, this time is going to be the first final of my degree year. I should put more efforts as i could because this is the first final, must score well toget higher CGPA. aiyah but i always said i will put more efforts but in the end i will still slacking around. hahahahaha. I only will get nervous when the final is knocking the door...1 weeks away :P

$.$, talking about money...i think i always mentioned in my post that im broke. I don't know why i always broke la seriously, i always don know where my money gone. My boyf always asked me, hey where is ur money i just saw like RM30 in ur purse but now why left RM10 only. Then i will always tell him, idk why lah.. Ya seriously idk why?? I got to admit i'm very poor in managing my money, and i never bother to count, or organize the money. I think this is the main reason i always broke lol. I will never learn how to manage it. *Big sigh*

Lastly, about myself. I think i have to learn how to manage my anger and try to think more positive about people. My anger always comes and goes, like in a sec i can be like freaking MAD but the next i would be calm, (always when i woke up from dream). It just gone and i will felt like why lah just now i mad of those lil' stuff. So usually i will felt guilty for being like that all the time, esp to someone (you knew it).

Losing temper to him was the only way for my to vent my anger, i felt so guilty every single time i did that to him. But he can still be so forgiving and caring after our argument. I told him once, because he is like my closest person here to me, my family is not with me, the only closest ppl here is him. Ya i do have bffs, darlings here but i rarely do that to my friends, but my family. What i expect is family always there for you, they won't leave you no matter what. That's what i felt for him, i'm sorry although i promised for like zillion times i will never did that again but still i did that. I am now in the process to learn how to manage my anger already. So the lesser the argument now. :)

Enough for that, i'm hungry now! Wanna get make myself a drink. xoxo


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