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Friday, August 20, 2010

Miss Hum Vs Malacca

Good-the-noon! ;

hellow people, i did put efforts to keep my blog alive! So here i am to keep it aliveeeeee again. So, hello readers, hello dear bloggie. :)

And hell yeah, today, i'm so free! Finally i have got the mood to stay home and complete my undone task, u know what? NO money NO talk No money, don't ever imagine to go out for a walk. Okie, i'm so so so broke now because i've been spending too much recently, outings, eating, purse....broke broke broke. Sad thing. And so, i'm gonna stay in today...and update my blog here! :D

Crap too much huh? Back to topic, Miss Hum Vs Malacca. As Miss Hum mentioned in her blog, she is very obsessed with Malacca ever since she left here. She came to visit Malacca again last weekend. Heh, the fact is she misses us more, not Malacca. Hua hua hua, she is going to suan me again. :P

Anyway, i was having test the first night she came. So i met her at Witchery IDer after my test. Had a funnnnnnn talk over there. Cause u know when Rebecca, YeeWen, She and Me met together, we will have endless topic, and of course, laughter came together. Always can't stand when they cracked jokes. LMAO

I slept over that night. The 2nd day we were going to hit Jusco. Let's the picture do the talking alright?

The all-time favourite. Cheap and nice! '
Only RM4.90 per set comes with Porridge and You Zha Guai

Taiwan Snacks! Sweet Potatoes
It tastes nice but it's kinda thirsty after u ate it.

Snap snap snap!

Becky and Me!
And i said i'm cute with this pose.Muahahah Kidding okay!

The spoke person for Lao You Gui Gui

Oscar Winner goes to Ong Yee Wen. She has got talent to express her face expression. Let's See!

#1 The-blek-face

#2 The-why-are-you-so-annoying-face.

#3 The-hey-how-could-you!-face

#4 End of Dramatic Scene.Hahar! The peaceful look.

Hoho ty xiaowei :D

Guess what? It is the moon cake with Durian Flavour!
Me Becky and YeeWen shared this as Xw never liked durian.
Three of us were mad satisfied with this. :D

We then headed to Dataran Pahlawan for movie. The Expandables starring Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li and many others famous actors! I rated it as 4/5stars. Cause i found it damn nervous at the climax, though it was a lil' bored on the front yet when it comes to the climax it really exciting. I watched twice for this movie but still i can felt my heart was beating furiously when watching the climax.

So the second day we decided to hit Jonker Street and Gogo Ktv. As we really miss singing alot, it's been ages ago since i last time visited KTV. Before that, we cooked ourselves lunch and dinner.

Hahar, i prepared them dinner by my ownself. and i thought i failed badly on my cooking skill, yet they finished it up. No lah, it's just the egg supposed to be a telur dadar instead i change it to telur goreng with hotdogs and meat. ABC soup was the most satisfied dishes among them. But the stupid bf said i put too much MSG but i never lor! And he said my standard only reached Indo Maid's level. ._______________.

Okay whatever, it's now proven i actually enjoy cooking just i'm not that proooo and i'm lazy sometimes. heh. I wan learn more!

After the dinner and brushing up. Bf fetched us to jonker street but too bad it was raining when we reached there not more than awhile. Hmmmph, so we had to leave earlier. And yes, here we come, Cheong k!


The singer of the day :)

Singer number 2.

She doesn't like to take photo with me! T.T


Great fun we had during the 3days. :) Who's the next to visit Malacca??? Tell me XD

This is no good when you trying to show off so badly, it fails badly when ppl know who're showing off. So stop doing it, it's irritating and it is not impressing. I aint interested with anything you're trying to do. Remember this.xo


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