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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hometown is loved.

aloha peeps ;

Finally, i'm back for something! Yay, i mean post with pictures. But not much, lol. Am waiting for something lik friend's birthday so that we can have celebration together and snap lotssa pictures. Hoho, who's next? *wink*

Fyi, i was away to hometown for one week. And now i'm back again to Malacca. One week break, not much to be done within the week yet i just able to meet up w/ some friends. Mostly of them were having STPM Trial soon so i dont wanna go and disturb them for their studies. And somemore, i prefer staying at home just to watch PPStream, spend time with my 'kewt' brother, parents, play piano, EAT, SLEEP, etc etc......That's what i did last week. lolllll

I don't really remember when was the last time i went out. I guess, it was last er wednesday or thursday. seriously i totally forget abt that! Me and my best friend aka best company Xiao Wei went to Oriental river side to meet up with chee wayne and chin chee. For just a while and off me and xiaowei went to walk around at Parkson. Cake house - Muhibah located there attracted me as i never been before.

We ordered two pieces of cake and sat there for lk not more than half hrs we left. because...(cont'd)

My blueberry cheese cake


Xiaowei's Choc cake (idk wats it called & it doesn't matter afterall)

WERE SUCKS!!! Yea exactly. Our cakes were hard like stone. And it costs us for lik rm 5 /piece, while Secret Recipe cakes only cost us RM 7 which tastes like heaven! Only Rm2 difference why not SR? Ahhh, anyway the atmosphere there were nice thats why it attracted me lol.

Before we taste our cake our face were like so peace...

I didn't capture the photos of us after we ate our cake, but you can imagine that when i tryna to cut the cake into small pieces i was like : !@#$%^&* why so hard??? and when the cake sent into my throat..okay know what happened. .______.

Anyway i shared this pic of xiaowei, hope you wont mind! hahaha. See her emotion when she tried to cut the cake. Oops.

As i mentioned earlier, i went inside due to the comfy atmosphere attracted me. But a cake house without a nice cake don't deserve to be named as cake house. seriously, it sucks. i'm kinda disappointed with that.

So the next day, Paul Jia wen texted me and asked me out. I was excited because i'm able to insult her again. Hahaha. Our plan was actually 5 girls but due to some reason turned out to be 3girls. Sad case. :'(

Went to Pizza Hut nearby my house to have dinner. Heh nowadays Kubang Kerian already turned into somewhere like quite crowded, so we dont need to go to town for pizza anymore. ;)

I totally ignore photo-taking when i was hungry. :P

okay a nice one w/ jia wen. :)

I think they two look good. So must see who's the photograher :P

Cheese powder is a must!

The latest pizza available in pizza hut! The meat ball pizza!!

Overall, the pizza was quite good. But it's kinda full la seriously. Me n Jiawen took 3 pieces per person. Really can't take it anymore after that. F-U-L-L.

After had our dinner. Knowing that Hau Heong & Cheng Wei were coming to meet us. Heh, they were so good that they gave up the meet-up w/ guys and decided to meet with us. I KNOW YOU MISS US...insulting you all. HAHAHAHA. No lah, kinda missing the sec sch life where jacky ma was still around then we insult him from the 1st class until the school dismiss. *LAUGHS*

So we walked to another nearby cafe. D'klassik. Which is my favourite cafe nearby kk :D

We ordered two bottle of mineral water here cuz we were full!

Hau Heong the rat. Can you pls gain some weights? TOO SKINNY LAH!
I totally heavier than him for like ___ kg's.

Cheng wei the dog. Obviously he looked away from the cam.
But who cares i look good on this picture than others. HAHAHAHA. :P

Finally a group pic, a clear one. jia wen too noob in taking photos.
octopus hand mah, shaky one. lol.

I met up with yeeying and ziekie on friday noon. Had chit-chat session with them for quite a time. " interested topic ", right? :P Too bad yibi couldn't make it as she met an accident. Luckily she was fine. and unlucky for that victim cause he broke his teeth!!! so, don ever have a car crash wit yibi tan cause she can broke your teeth. HAHAHA. :D

while at friday nite met up with jaushiarn, xinjie, mikel, xsheng and chun hou. i forgot to brg my camera along so i didn't take any single pic!!!! ahhhh, i left my camera on my bed n i tot it was already in my bag. fml.

Okay, enough for that. I'm gonna stop here, i've been blogged for like an hour! I promise i will be back for moreeeeeee.

Chill people. xo


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