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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Paul coming to town

aloha readers ;

back back back!!! was too lazy and busy to keep my blog alive. nono, my blog not dead, i was just looking for stuff/outings/events to update. now i found one. and again, not much photos laaa.

okay, anyone knows who is PAUL? yea the psychic octopus which used to predict the World Cup result. fyi, among my friends there is one name Paul as well. AHAHAH. joking. Her name is Soo Toh Jia Wen and we called her paul as we assume she is a octopus. hahaha. paul carmen, what a nice name!

she actually visited us at melaka last sunday. she even ponteng her classes and came here. the real motive was to pick her beloved sister from MMU to Matriculasi. she was chosen to Matriculasi Pahang, and decided to go there for a try. anyway, goodlucks dear jia li! =]

back to paul. her uncle and dad drove from Kelantan to Melaka earli in the morning and arrived here around 4pm. lost their way anyway when they're coming to MMU. later on i brought them to Jusco as paul wanted to hang out. lol.

as usual, camwhored before going out. hehe. also time for a new profile picture. :B

took my 1st meal around 4pm at You Tiao Kui Kui again. loves the porridge and the you zha kuai to the max! sowee no photos as i was too FUNGRY to care for other stuff. went walked around then Rebecca and Yeewen came to meet us at there. had fun shopping and also TEASING paul all the way. hahahaha.

seriously, i can never stop laughing when jiawen is around. cuz we used to tease her or even insult her everything we could imagine. whatever stuff that gets into our mind we sure will relate to her. and her response was like " ok lah watever watever......" (speechless kind of face) and that totally amused us! hey just took that as nothing la jiawen, we still love u!

after had a very very long shop at the Jusco store we decided to chill at The Coffee Bean. they were craving for cake while i was already full.

cookies displayed at the counter. *yumms*

the ambience is good somemore. not much crowd.

those cakes ordered by them. i shall introduce one by one below.

#1 Triple Decker Cake.
ze best among 'em all. me like!

#2 Chocolate Fudge Cake.
see the choc melts? well im melting too *drools*

#3 Chicago Cheese Cake.
we dont really fancy tis as it is not that soft as we expected

we had too much laughters at the coffee bean. im very serious. ya i guess we were the loudest one at the coffee bean. but how to control not to laugh when friends cracking up jokes that were really hilarious! especially that was about paul! AHAHAH. i gotta admit our imagination skill is way too high level. right? =P

now i gonna officially introducing our beloved Paul !! hahahaha so cute of you jiawen! xo

here comes the joking queen yeewen and paul

while that was

Me & Rebecca. ^^

that sei paul non stop order stuff one. she then ordered double choc ice blended and eventually all of us were full like hell!

but that was nice! *slurps*

Beside provides us comfy atmopshere, The Coffen Bean too provides free flow of cold milk and drinking water! i wonder why their milk so tasty compared to others? oops.

back from JUSCO later on and i asked the boyf brought us to nearby MCD to continue our session. and paul wanted to meet him as well. lol. again, laugh like nobody's business at there. ahaha. and i do miss those time when we were watching World Cup at midnight!

started to miss her already but its ok cuz we're going to meet next week! *excited* im going back homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. heh.

okay i shall start preparing and go to campus already. and financial accounting midterm is on this friday! gosh. i got zero knowledge abt tis. gotta be hardworking already. toodlers peeps!rawrrrrrr!!

goodthing :)

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