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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Midterm break!

it's H-O-L-I-D-A-Y- ♥ ;

holaa peeps! am back again to update some lil stuff before i going back to my hometown tomorrow. *excitement x 9837492*. yup it is midterm break for us, one week long. i am really excited that i can like finally go back to my home which i left for like..erm 2months? i miss my family and home so much. but i gotta admit that somehow i have got the reluctance to go for a holiday because i'm quite attached to ze boyf right now. one week, it's too short for homecoming, yet it's too long for me that i couldn't see him for that period. :( think i'm used to be wit him nowadays. distance is the culprit. fated.

nono, i have to be a filial daughter. i miss & love my parents as well! hahaha. flight on tmr seems way too long to go. i wanna get back home faster and leave this lonely place asap. i am all alone here, again. =( godbless i will get through tonight and catch a flight tmr and home, HERE I COME! *BIGWIDESMILE*

FML lo, after break still got 2 midterm test to go. having break before exam is not a break anymore. but who cares really? i am still gonna have fun with my friends, brothers at kb!!! :P

anyway...............................last monday i attended boyf's grandpa birthday celebration at a restaurant at his hometown.. his cousin took some pictures and thankyou! heh nowadays i really seldom brg along my camera.

w/ the pretty cousins :)

babi, smile!!!

kinda like the photo although baby wasn't looking that good. but atleast he was looking at the camera! hahaha. he was forced by his cousin to take pic. keep it up!!! *giggles*

as usual, ate alot that day. uhh weights gaining huh ms por. :\

another movie to recommend here. went for a movie last night right after our accounting paper. guess what, INCEPTION!

i rated it as 5stars movie as it was really madly fantastic! ohh gosh it about dream in a dream,another dream in another was so interesting that even i should be sleeping at the midnight time yet my eyes were wide open. the movie kept me away all night long. and of course i need the boyf to explain to me. AHAHAHA. am too slow in absorbing something :P

another must-watch movie!!!

geez, i smell home now. mom just called and i felt like sobbing that moment. as i seriously hate being alone.. her voice was like delivered some warmth thru the phone, and im touched. she said she bought lots of veges, my favourite watermelons, apple etc etc and i cant wait to finish it tomorrow! plus dad will be fetching me at airport tomorrow! yeeepee.

happy holidays!


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