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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Knight & Day

Gorgeous & Handsomes ;

wuulalala back to blogging cuz i'm dead bored right now! roommate is now at her hometown,the darlings - xiu & elaine are working hard right now while me,in the room doing nothing but surfing nets.never knew i felt so lonely when im alone in the room.i think im getting used with someone beside me, Apple Ang. :)

apple apple, i started to miss you!

lately,got so lazy to update ze blog.the blog is almost dead i guess.nothing much to update mah.i wish i could have something to try on except those usual outings.lalala.anyway had another USUAL outing last week.p/s: din capture lots of photos seriously.

its been so long we never hang out together like cup,part time job separated us.AHAHA.some ppl are working so hardworking lately.anyway we suggested to go for Satey Celup @ Capitol this time.i prefer Capitol because they serves Cheese Hotdog which is my top favourite and also big shrimp.but the thing is,it's more expensive compared to's RM0.80 per stick.its kinda stress when u're eating cause u have to control the amount so that u dont hav to pay that much in the end.


xiu xiu and apple sho cute! hahaha.

Foong, Xiu, Apple & Meeee.

camwhore saya paling pandai. *laughs*


the eggs and hotdogs are ma favourites!

the satey sauce

after that we headed to jetty to have a puff.but we're getting bored with that usual stuff.then elaine suggested we go to a cafe called Frog Cafe (which is quite 'famous' now due to some issue).had some chilling session at was fun playing with the Killers fact we're just trying to kill our time cuz our movie was at 12.20am lol.


love you ple ple! hahaha

went over GSC.and took some pics in the toilet.AS USUAL lol.ahhh even me,getting bored wit this kinda of photos.hahaha.darlings,we shall try someting new next time!!!

GSC lol


apple tagged me as jessie LOL

smell strawberry? the pinkie bear was just beside u all.:P

watched Knight and Day by veteran Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.sweet comedy!and TOM CRUISE is totally LOVED.he looks hot no matter how old is him.but the guys complained that they have nothing to see and i realized,Cameron Diaz really getting older and she is no longer that sweet anymore.see?being a female is so pity tat age will affect our appearance.

thats all for today's post.okay la i shall explore something new next time and capture photos so that can share share on my getting bored with my blog also.its always the SAME THING all the time.yeeeee.i shall leave my blog peeps.xx :)


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