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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

World Cup Fever? :)

hiiii readers ;

no, don expect anything from this. i'm just going to tel you guys i got nothing to update seriously. no outing means no photos, no photos means nothin to blog. LOL btw i've got something to share. :P

ahhhh, we're just repeating the same routine like almost everytime. but this time, we got less outing, because of what u guess? youre right if World Cup is on your mind. yeah we've been busy with football including me! yea its me. boyf even said SHO SHO SHO NAN DE Ying Ying Por wanna go for football match. and of course watching match with Yee Wen and Rebecca make me more eager to watch. :P

nowadays we usually hang out at MCD in the middle of the night like 2.30am to watch the match. i likey because we've got a voucher for Sausage McMuffin with Egg when the team goal! only for the 1st goal of course. i've got atleast 3 already. MAD HAPPY cuz i so damn lovin' the Mcdonalds breakfast. :P

not to mention theres a half price of Large Fries during half time. yuhooo! but bear in mind do not take too much or else in a result u will be looking fat like me! *sad face*

Here's me with the voucher. :B

andddd, i did skipped a few classes. all the matches fault la! hahaha. no la blame it to myself that i wanted to watch so badly. anyway i wont be skipping that often, AFTER the world cup, okay? =)

FYI, i'm supporting SPAIN. ngehehe. obviously, i dunno anything previously, it's my boyfie and Xiaowei who told me everything abt it and i started to know a little and they are fans of Spain too. so i'm supporting spain as well. =}

of course, im supporting spain cuz of Xabi Alonso too! ahhhh i know Torres is way famous than him yet i cant help falling in love with guy looking like Alonso.

omg! meltsss*

Okay enough for now. heh, it's time for us to take a break since there's no match for this 2days. and here we go for top8! woohooo afford to miss any of the match.

till then. RAWR ya'all =]


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