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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a sudden thougts.

nothing much but thoughts ;

in the pic : youngest bro, yours truly & apple

obviously, i wanna spill again. spare me, just let me spill. i love it when i can express my feelings through writing. frankly i feel much more better after blogging everytime, it works on me :)

i should have update the post about my hometown, rmb? yet, this is not the high time, ok in short, i don feel like updating that one yet now.

no, i aint emo, i aint mad, i aint sad, i aint whatsoever you thinking now. just there were some thoughts passed by and i was thinking, if i were in the situation, how will i survive thru that? i aint gonna tell wats the situation as it might sound offended. ya, it's none of my business, totally out of mine, just when it appears in your sight, your heart definitely feels the same feeling as the victim. like, you, ok me, will started to imagine " how if, how if...." subsequently, thinking it all da time and heart crash at the mean while.

"Hold me and love me
Just want touch you for a minute
Maybe three seconds is enough
For my heart to quit it"
Lady Gaga - Love Game

Lady Gaga sang love game and it has became the hottest hits across the global. Let's play a love game play a love game............. this hit is undeniably hitto and i personally likey too. yet the lyric, ohwell, love game, do you want to play a love game?

there no such GAME in the world of LOVE. If you wan a game, go for counter strike or L4D. outta here if you're gonna play a game of love. i can never forgive a person who treats love as a game. like, it's about a relationship, the emotional, the feelings of oneself, once you ruin it, you cant imagine the consequences. hurt badly to the bottom of your heart. perhaps, you didnt know how it feels cuz you're not the one who been hurt. but have you ever think of the person that hurt by you? never, correct i am? once you experience that you'll know how pain is that.

i cannot judge others business. i dont even have the right to judge. why do i care? just i felt sympathy for the one i wont ever mention. that feeling must be sucks to the max i swear. but go on, chill out. be strong, cry out loud and someday you will be ok. it takes time. way to go :)

as i said, i wont ever mention wats the situation so don ask me wats wit the post or watsoever. and im not referring to anyone here. just an expression of myself nothing much. just, cheers people. take it easy. =]

and ps ps there, i'm good with the boyfie now as well. so it's nothing about me and him, alright? gossip queenssssss!

i hurt and hurt i

lots of love

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