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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

days spent at the sweetest hometown!

lohaaaaa readers ;

lately, ppl are complaining that i seldom update my bloggie already. i got so lazy to update everything instead of that i now spend more time on outdoors activity. fyi, i'm on my diet plan! eventho i know it's not working when my weekend is there, cuz i will be eating alot at boyfie's home and no work out is going on. hahaha anyway i did put some effort on jogging swimming also kay? so desperate want to have a slimmer body lor! but i just cant help with those tempting foods. ngehehehe.

World Cup is on, nah, i aint having the world cup fever as the others do, just i will watch the match with the boyfie too. and and, ever since i moved to Ixora, i realized i've been sleeping alot! like, always! perhaps the room here is cooler and the bed is shooo comfy that i spend most of the time on it. :P

i know i'm late to update this post. it's about my days spent at my hometown the last last last semester break. it's been ages ago from that day. hehe. i apologize kay?

well i didnt really hang out during the days, cuz all i wanna do was just staying at home spend more time with my family and my sweet sweet home. yet, the gang from Melaka invited me out as well. i mean, Xiao Wei, Yee Wen and Rebecca. okay the same place we usually hang out, Kb Mall lol.

had this w/ paying. muahahaha. :D

didnt take much photos lah later ppl tot we sua gu one come kb mall also needa capture tons of photos. *laughs* after that we headed to Yati Ayam Percik to have dinner! ohmaii, i have to tell you all i miss the ayam percik like hell! like i said Kelantan serves the best malay cuisine ever.

Nasi Kerabu. *drool drool*

those were the Ayam Percik which i mentioned above. omfg im hungry nw!

my bestie

the dinner was satisfying. after dinner, it's time for dessert! here we go to Kebun Sultan to have Kim Kee famous ais kacang. ahhhh! i'm craving for it nowwwww!

damn *swallowing saliva*

it's wednesday if im not mistaken that i had a small gathering with friends over my home. i invited them over so that we can have fun together. i miss them alot! :)

my mom prepared this for them. superb nasi lemak. :D

my smile was failed cuz it was my mom taking the cam. lol.
and guess what it's Lian coming back. it's been ages that i didnt meet her!

cheong K jugok. LOL

nice pic heh. :D

sheng was so gayyyyyy. he was like, " lets SNSD" LOL

i didnt took much photos that day. wasn't in the mood of camwhoring that time. anyway, we did had fun that day, aren't we? =)

i'm gotta pen off here as i'm really sleep already now. end my post with a pic of mine which taken by Ruyi. hehe. tq =]

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