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Monday, June 14, 2010

Apple's Birthday

the-ANG ANG APPLE-birthday ;

hiiii readers, finally an update for my blog. been really busy these few days. supposingly, i should update about the post about my homecoming to my hometown last semester break. but i guess i shall update this one 1st and blog that one next day, kay? =)

it's JUNE babes! i found out there are tons of my friends were borned on june, especially the KB's friends. couldn't celebrate with them cuz we're far far apart now yet still i did send my wishes thru FB. FB is great cause u can keep in touch with your long lost friends, right?

ok stop crapping missy, pls start our post. 12th of June, it's Apple Ang's birthday! hahaha fyi she's now my roommate. we created lots of lies to hide from her, so that there's some surprises for her. i think she likey. *laughs* and from now on i learned, it's true that once you lied, you need more lies to cover the initial lie. wooooo, but this is a WHITE LIE okay! for her sake.

we celebrated earlier on last thursday cause there will be some members unavailable on the exact date, some claimed they wanted to watch World Cup on that day. World cup fever geh. the boyfie was one of them lol.

first of all, we girls, Xiu, Elaine, Jenny & Me asked Apple out for a girl's out at jusco. we lied to her that the guys dont wanna join cuz they wanted to watch world cup in fact worldcup wasn't start yet on that day. HAHAH and she trusted! she's so gullible man.

the girls headed off earlier and the guys secretly waited for us at Ajisen. when she saw them she was like, eh? not world cup meh? let's go, we seek for another place to eat. LOL until then she didn't even know that was a whole plan!

Ajisen is well-known for their Jap Ramen. but for me, i didn't really like it. for others, esp the birthday girl, she loves it to the max!

Some Sneak Peaks for the foods of the day!





this camera is owned by Elaine it will instantly print out the photos once u took it. a awesome presie from her friends. :D

the owner & the cam!

me and ple ple with the not-so-satisfied-product. haha

they say got " xiao bai tu ". *inside jokes*

she tot it was a cake but actually....

it's ICE Cream! haha she was once begging us for ice cream during her bday!

love you my cute ple ple!

candid shot.

Laine Laine hilang liao~

show you guys the product which 4 of us were so-not-in-the-condition lol

i refused to take Ramen as my dinner, instead of ramen i insisted to eat the you tiao kui kui which serves the best you zha gui and porridge in the world (obviously, exaggeration). i jus likey so much and it's so cheap! RM3.90 per set. niceeey!

so u know what was the boyfren telling me? eat eat eat

again, we camwhore like nobody's business in the toilet again. LOL. spare us la four of us really like to take picture. ngehehehe.

kisses for ang ang apple~

fugly hor?

we were trying to act cute. failed badly!

after that we headed to GSC for Karate Kid. Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan made a great collaboration for this movie. i rated it as 4stars!!

that was the first advance celebration for our ple ple. next, we celebrated another one on the exact date which was 12th of June on 12am! we persuaded her to watch football that night then we said there's another match we wanted to watch at tf's house. she first rejected but then after our persuasion she fell into a trap again. XD

me and xiu ran off to tf's hse and they all were on the car back. we first reached and then prepare the cake until she came in. haha she was so shocked. see the following pic!


and obviously, she likes the cake! as cute as her mah. haha

once again, happy birthday to apple! :)

teng deng, a series of photos will be popping out soon.....

ooohhkkayyy, i know we're sorta vain. but we like it this way what. :P still got few but lazy to upload already. damn i spent another hours on this post! gotta sleep soon, cuz my ple ple is sleeping already.

sweetdreams lovelies!

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