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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

you deserve that ♥

loves ♥ ;

im gonna start my post with a BIG WIDE SMILE & some vain pics of mine. teehee. i dont know what motivates me to blog this. perhaps, i just wanna write, yes i mean blog at this moment.

wanted to surprise the boyfie this evening, eventually i cant defeat his smartness. okay i admit that plan was stupid, but on the spot that was the ONLY way what. do u know what i hate abt you? cuz u know everything. the tricks, everything...u know it all. LOL HOW COME!

i dont usually buy presssie for the bf, cause i have limited allowance per month. poor kiddo i am. but this time, i decided to splurge. my mind keeps telling me that, ' this time, you've to get him something... ' i was thinking, yes, and made up my mind. im gonna buy him something he desires for so long. i know he always wanted a wallet from polo haus. *wink*

i just wanna thanks for everything you've done. i mean, you really care alot about me. a million thankyou goes to you baby. sometimes u tend to be a lil ego and i know it's all coming from ur concern towards me. undeniably, we always have tiff over little issue. im stubborn girl, yes i am. so i never stop arguing. whenever i think is right, then i will always put a big TICK and wont give it a CROSS. until u correct me, u tend to inspire me, eventually, i will realized im the one who is prolly too selfish to think on my side only.

did i ever mention to you what i like most about you? hahaha. *blush cheek* the truth is you are always the problem-solver to me. whenever i encounter any problem, you're the one who helps me solve, in terms of academic, financial, etc etc etc. the serious emotion on ur face attracts me the most when u're solving problem and it solved everytime with ur help.

because in the past relationship, i always play the role of solving problem, and for now, my partner is doing for me. so whenever i encounter any predicament, the first person i'll think is you and i have faith in you that u will solve for me. good thing indeed. but it doesn't mean that im relying on you on every matter, is just when i really dunno wat else i can do more i ll just ask for ur help. i dont like to bring trouble to ppl as well, including you. =)

yes, u said u will control my consumption on food. but whenever i mention i wanna eat this and that, u will say " just get it lah, eat only. " hahaha. but after all, u started to complain that im fat again. how contrary!

we've been thru a lots of awful past. perhaps you didnt know how awful was that, but i can tell u, that was totally unpleasant for me whenever i think back of it. uncountable arguments, tears, awkwardness, issues etc etc. and im glad, what we've become right now.
anyway, u've been treating me very good since we patched back last december. ^^

and im sorry for being quite rude at times and i do have some princess sickness. every girl has it right, u should be glad that i dont hav serious one. :P

YOU, read everything in details okay! ngehehe or else i kill you.

once again thanksyou for everything and you totally deserve that,
dear =)


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