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Friday, May 14, 2010

whatsoever updates

whatsoever post ;

honestly, i dont have specific outgoings/events to update after mimi and william's birthday. yet seems like boyfie addicted clicking on the ads on my blog so he is asking me to update so that he can click the ads again. SWT. so i will just update whatever stuff lah k? :D

fyi, everyone is busy preparing for finals which is on next week. shoot me pls. i totally have no idea about business statistics!! not even full prepared for any single subject. LOLs. anyway slowly figuring out accounting with bf's help. =)

and guess what, we even went for movies last night! steady not? after movies, we went for dim sum till 2.30am. STEADY TO THE MAX lah i should say. give me a hi-5, Foong, Xiu, Apple & Fei .

yesterday was KIDNAPPER's premiere. we were anticipating for this movie for so long already. i rated it as 4stars as it really caught me nerve-wrecking every moment! there were many touching scenes too when Christopher Lee was crying n begging the kidnapper to release his boy. T.T *wiping tears*

have you ever watched Connected 保持通话 before? Kidnapper can be considered as that type of movie. yet, i still think Connected 保持通话 better if compare to Kidnapper.

anyway, before the movie at 1025pm, we went for dinner. i skip the dinner and i keep persuading boyf to bring me to Sushi King after they finish their dinner! hahaha. i prolly have too much obsession towards Sushi ever since he brought me to sushi king last weekend. :P and i succeeded! ngehehehe. mad satisfied with the Egg Mayo Sushi and Golden Ball. :D

no photos taken. was too into the sushi. anyway photos below taken during the last weekend both of us went to Sushi King @ muar. =)


ok again, dont hav our photos! apparently he doesn't like camera.=( enuff for that. now go for another one.

remember i mentioned that my dearest cousin Steven Ong visited me and xiaowei on Labour's Day? hahaha. didnt blog about that cuz i didnt even capture any single pic with my camera, in fact we captured using his fren's - Billy's DSLR. we were playing with it as if that was our toys. luckily billy is kind and generous that he said ITS OKAY. *evil grins*

so we never stop playing wit it. too bad i was looking freaking fat that day and i deleted most of the photos!


xiaowei took tis! and me likey =)

and off the following photos, we took using Steven's macbook. hehehe. frankly we took more than 50++ photos i guess. but i can never upload that much, because those are too crazy and it may spoil our reputation! hahaha. NO KIDDING. those are very very fugly yet funny! :D

okay im gonna miss this moment so muchie. Steven is leaving to US soon while Xiaowei to cyber next semester already. honestly i dont feel good, is like my bestie, cousins leaving me so far far away. i swear my mood did drop to the lowest point when i think about that. i wanna have gathering whenever u all back. MUST!

enough for blogging. i seriously need to snap banyak photos ad when outing. cuz i hate it when my blog dont have photos! okay will update after my finals. do miss me peeps.


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