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Monday, May 3, 2010

a simple birthday celebration

MAY babies ;

Hola, may babies! sending a HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to every May babies via my bloggie. teehee. let u guys guess something, 2nd of May was whose birthday? the very handsome one leh, darn rich one, super hawt one.

the answer is..........Beckham lah lol! but the beckham i mentioned is not DAVID beckham, in fact is beckham Tee! *laughs* don slap me. hahaha. yaya it's our william's birthday this time. curious why he has another name as william? aiyah he has tons of nickname one lah tis guy.

1st - william ( what he introduces us at first time we met )
2nd - beckham tee ( in his facebook )
3rd - richard twl ( his msn address )
4th - ah yong ( wat his mom called him )
5th - wai lim ( his chinese name which sounds so girly XD )

LOL >.<>Mori cafe on the exact date, which is the past Sunday. ya, it's really simple to the max, hopefully he likes it though. no present on that day as well. something good is always behind. *smirk* hiak hiak

by the way, we really snapped very very few photos. when i say few, it's really goddamnfew lor. SIGH. perhaps that day not really dolled up then we don have the camwhore mood.

even ze cake also so simple. ==

happy birthday william aka beckham aka ah yong etc etc etc..

haha apple damn "qute" !

haha i did one. fugly eh?

mori cafe happy hour promotion!
one can of pepsi for RM2 from 12pm to 8.30pm.

Satey chicken rice which has a thumb-up chop on the menu.
hmmm. not that impressive anyway.

went back home quite early that day. and here we go, another one's birthday coming up. shall update it and i promise will snap banyak banyak photos this time! :D

you're making yourself sucha fool & that's amused me. :D


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