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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

outings after final!

the hang-out after final ;

greetings! :) i promised to blog about my outings after my examination. well, the same old things go. nothing special actually. GSC, Dataran Pahlawan, Jonker Street, Jetty, GOGO ktv. cause we have no idea where to go already other than these places. Malacca is undeniably a favourite spot for tourists, yet for the ppl who is living here for such a long period, we truly madly deeply cant find any places to go anymore. :/

fyi, everyone was having the mood to doll up that day. cause it's already end of the exam! hahaha. i even excited until i cant fall asleep during my nap. LOL. & i seriously lovin' the outfit of mine that day. it's a dolly dress comes with polka dots on the lower part. it's short though. and thanks to boyfie he bought this for me. *wheeeeeee*

i even camwhore before going out :P

first spot was dataran pahlawan. we accompanied Elaine to get a pressie for her bestfren. then 4 of us plus the CC go seek for some goods. Xiuxiu & Apple claimed that it's been ages ago they bought a new bag. LOL unfortunately, we couldn't find any nice bag. =/

meeting up with boyfie, Foong, Jenny & Zhi Qin @ aL-ikhsan. the guys never fail to visit this shop whenever they came here.

like i said, we were all dolled-up :)

33 mirror is loved 33

my stomach was making noise already that time. and that time was only 4pm something. again, i was asking for Sushi again! im a serious sushi addict nowadays. btw we discovered a new sushi booth, the name is Sushi Boat. boyfie said it was chio. hahaha but we didn't eat that sushi, expensive lah weih. but i would like to try once next time :P

the decorations are all inspired by boat!

we headed to Sushi Ya for "high-tea". this is somewhere we usually eat sushi cause during weekdays, from 3pm to 6pm, there's 50% for sushi! although it cant be compared to Sushi King yet stil acceptable lah. cheap mah. :P

below shows not yet discounted price. hoho cheap isn't?

my 1st plate. appetizer? LOL

im drooling now. :/

all looking good except foong. sleepy eyes!

die die also dont wanna take pic with me one. babi lol

miss camwhorie is me! =P

i secretly took tis one. muahahaha.

apple arranged this according to the colour! sweet ~

after that off we go for movie session! actually we wanted to watch Shrek one but heard that wasn't that nice so we switched to Once A Gangster. this movie was really hilarious, seriously, i laugh like nobody's business in the cinema. u know, quite lame. hahaha. yet, the story line somehow turned bored and i dont really like the story. but if you wanna seek for some laughters, this movie is recommended btw. :)

the toilet's mirror. love max!

went for dinner-or-supper-or-watsoever-meal nearby amigo there. the kuey tiao gia. after that we got nowhere to go anymore and decided to go jetty for chilling-out session. we used to go the Garden Cafe and chit-chat like nobody cares without ordering any drink. how bad! haha and we did went to find Jeremy and Cai yee them in the room as they were organizing a farewell for Daphne who is leaving to Cyberjaya.

uhh. finished

im gonna stop here. and will blog about the outings with my bffs asap. hehe.

as always, stay tune ^^


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