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Saturday, May 29, 2010

the outing after final PART II

the hang-out after final PART II ;

well it's time to blog. was having some gatherings with the high-school mates the past few days. it was great to meet up with ppl who you've been missing throughout the months. listening to the stories happened in their life and cracking up some foolish jokes, like the usual, the best fun you can ever create.

there's another part for the outings after my final exam.this time im gonna blog abt the outing with my bffs!we're from the same hometown and studying in the same uni too currently.we never fail to meet each others eventhough we're at our hometown.sometimes i wonder do we really miss each other that much?hell yeah,i mean yes.i am missing the girl's jokes already!

okay as usual, Me, Xiao Wei, Yee Wen, Rebecca, Chin Chee and Hui Rong.heh, she's not from kb anyway.we tagged her along too! =) this is also another farewell for XiaoWei and Hui Rong as they are leaving to cyberjaya for their degree course already.i can see how much xiaowei reluctant to leave malacca.anyway you're welcome back anytime!

forget to mention i was the driver of the day! *teehee* right after having some famous mee as lunch, then off we went to Dataran Pahlawan.dp again right, no other place to go what.what to do.we just slacking around the dp, did some shopping,or i mean some window shopping.then xiaowei came out with an idea to go to the game station.she wanted to race as an Initial D's racer so desperately!HAHAHA

so attentive!

ticktok ticktok the time passed so fast!it's time for dinner.ngehehe.we decided to go to jonker street and have some western food as dinner.oh ya before we off to jonker snapped some photos.i shall let xiaowei to update others.

loving my flats!

rebecca and yeewen recommended us to have some italian pizza at Coconut House nearby jonker street.we decided to give it a go since it's strongly recommended by them.

antique deco!

the photo of the restaurant on the front page of menu

we ordered 2pizzas. #1 Red Hot Chilli Pepper.

#2 it's called wat mary thingie.duh bad memory!

taste changes according to ppl.anyway i prefer the 1st piece.but most of them prefer the 2nd piece.undeniably it took quite some time to serve those pizza,cuz they baked it using the tradition way.the pizzas was real thin and yummy!not to mention,they were crispy!! a good try.anyway they wont satisfy your stomach as they were really came in regular size do not expect to full like after you finish eating @ Pizza Hut.LOL

a group pic before leaving.

next station was Jonker Street.bought some little stuff for the friends over kb.after that headed to GOGO ktv! unfortunately,those rooms already fully booked as we didnt make any reservation.too bad.i swear we did felt upset and after all we decided to go to DreamBox though we know the price at night is bloody expensive.but they serve food! 4hours flow of food summore! tsk tsk.:P

the boss-yeewen said even we finally become a fat lady or watsoever we wont give up on those foods!hahaha.but it was true that the foods they prepare were really tempting.we kept on in and out just for sake of those free drinks, 2plates of dessert, 4plates of tibits included as somehow i think it's worth also lah.if you really eat kaw kaw.

see? :P

i have to say. they served the best brinjal ever! I LOVE IT TO THE MAX
i ate almost more than 3plates.==

i left most of the photos for xiaowei to blog as she was the main character that day.i seldom took photos too tat day.bad face condition due to lack of sleeping.shall stop here.

#loves ♥

i miss everything about us

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