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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jeremy & William @ Sakura House

konichiwa readers ;

sorry for abandoned my bloggie for one week. got no time to update my blog, had great time spent with the boyf and family last weekend anyway. but the bad thing is im growing fatter already! :'(

finals approaching, need some pro help as usual. accounting & statistics, d.i.e. speaking test is over! yet, FML. don talk about that anymore. if u're follower of mine in twitter, then u shall know what's going on.

stop ranting. here we go for the post! Jeremy & William's birthday! hahaha. don jealous kat William, cuz he has got 2 birthday celebration. anyway, this one is another big one. 17 ppl in total going. woots!

and this time, we're going for japanease cuisine! heard alot about Sakura House but most of them never been before. it's located Taman Desa Duyong, it's actually a housing area. the owner make it into a hommie-restaurant. it's squeezy for real, yet i there's a feeling of HOME. anyway, before u wanna dine-in for this restaurant, u gotta call for reservation in case there's no seats for u.

p/s : Sakura House No. 0196871468.

it's a house.

17 ppl squeeze in a room which basically is a typical bedroom size. imagine.

did i mention that there's a free flow of japanese green tea? :D

even the menu is hand-written one.

what we love about tis restaurant is, the japanese cuisine they served are great! can actually compare to Sushi King and the price is reasonable. i mean, least cheaper than Sushi King and any other japanese restaurant.

Tamago-Sushi! RM2 for 2 pieces!

Lidako-Sushi ( Baby Octopus ) only RM3 for 2!

Elaine's Fish Fillet rice i forget wat it called ady. ==

Katsu don ( Pork cutlet on top rice ) around RM6++ only.

Ebi-ten Temaki. Fried Prawn handroll.

boyf & apple's favourite! Unagi slice

i dunno what it called. but its like pizza. yummmm!

Prawn Tempura

plates full of Sushissss! Topiko Sushi ( Fish Roe Sushi )

Jap. Curry Pork rice. looks tasty eh?

Ebi-furai bento ( Bread Crumb Prawn Set ) its around RM8-9.

Tempura Bento ( Fried Prawn Set )

enuff for foods shall we. cause it's really tempting as i havent take my lunch yet. =/ it's time for photo-taking session! ;)

LOL what u guys trying to act?

RON & the girlsss!

yours truly, tf and xiuxiu~

my perfect darlingss :)

4 of us with william!

hahaha. was trying to fool with the tea.

the boysie


and the cute girlsss =)

selamat hari jadi! they look alike dont they?

make a wish. girlfriends for them maybe?

finally, a group pic! :)

so, happy birthday again jeremy and william! wish u have a blessed 19th birthday. hopefully u guys love the celebration and the presents.

well, i blog this for hours again! why izit the line so slow? i bet i will blog in a fast pace if i were to given a super fast line to upload the photos. okay it's time to study. i screwed up my Muet and its time to put much efforts on my finals. don wanna regret anymore. godbless =)


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