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Thursday, May 20, 2010

520 ♥

20th of May ? ;

fyi half way finish my finals! hoho. finally last paper tmr, okay i promised i will get back to studies after this post. just wanted to post something on this special date as it will only comes annually. (:

i was actually curious whats wrong with the facebookers today keep updating their status with the number 5, 2 and 0. i was thinking and suddenly i realized " Opps it's 20 of May, which means 520 ! "

520, such a simple numbering, if we pronounce in chinese, it would be a another meaningful word.

520 - WO AI NI

here comes my confessions ; *blush cheek*

i would like to say 520 to my parents, for growing me up and loving me ever since i was borned.
i would like to say 520 to my brothers, for being bullied by me.
i would like to say 520 to my bff/darlings/friends, for being by my side when i was down.
i would like to say 520 to my boy, for everything you've done for me.
lastly, i would like to say 520 to myself, for nth.

p/s: there's no reason for loving myself right! hahaha XD

and i actually found this on google. ,RAWR means ILY in dinasour language! hahaha. it's so effin cute! hey i kinda like it very much. :D

last but not least, i rawr ya'all. ♥

stay tuned for my post. might update after finals. woohoo cant wait for end of foundation & going back to KB soon! *jumping up and down*


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