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Monday, April 19, 2010

a weekend @ JB

konichiwa readers? ;

MIA during weekend is so not my lifestyle right? haha well one of my friend is being quite observant that she noticed i was MIA during the last weekend. yupp, i went to Johor last thursday!

1st stop - the boyf's hometown. MUAR
2nd stop - jenny and xiu's hometown. PONTIAN
3rd stop - where i used to be during holidays lol. JB.

ok, surprised right i was at muar? yup i was surprised too. ermmm. i shall explain someday but not now. heh. anyway, it was a new experience. =)

okie, everyone knows, Muar is famous for their foods. oh hell yeah, i was pampered with foodssssss. lotssa. no kidding. that's why im gaining weights already!

boyf brought me to go around muar. he even brought me to the WORLD'S LARGEST SHOPPING MALL EVER - wetex parade. == he and zhiqin keep on saying how big is the mall and i think they quite proud of it. LOL >.<

otak-otak. ^^

Bentayan foodcourt

i miss this sateyyyy. anyway i miss at kebun sultan one more =X

thanks to the parents, boyf and zhiqin for 'pampering' me with foods. hahaha i think i'm not satisfied yet. next time, i will be back for MORE foods. *big wide smile*

i apologized not much photos taken during the trip to muar. *shy* mah. hahaha. alright, his mom fetched us to the bus station next morning. 3 of us were going to next station, PONTIAN! trip to pontian taken up for like 2hrs and plus. the bus was too shaky, argh im so phobia to take long distance bus now, not more than 2hrs pls. =/

REACHED pontian around 1pm and that pontian dai kar jie aka xiu ting came n picked us at the station. met up with elaine n cc as well. accomodation was provided by Jenny @ pontian. hehe thanks jen. too bad apple cant join us. =( sad betul zz

da pontian bus station

zhiqin playing wit his DSLR. i kept asking him to brg. hahaha thanks la i know it's heavy. :D

Jen brought us here for lunch. she said this is where she used to have meal during her sec sch life

zhiqin took one with his DSLR. i shall upload it once i get it ok? =)

was playing with the DSLR. heh

*yummms* my passion fruit green tea.

and this is my mee suah. which i don really like. hmph =/

this one looks nice rite? i forgot wats the name ad zz.

especially thanks to Jenny, she treated us for that lunch. hehehe tengkiu so muchie =)

camwhore again hehe XDD

we managed to visit xiu's parents before we off to dinner and kukup. nice seafood dinner really hehhhh~

i look so round here. =( elaine always looks good!

it's chrysanthemum tea la babe. haha

uhh u will def like this if u're into spicy stuff! *drool*

fried chic, isit? XD

sotong kia~

last but not least...this also one of the sotong rite?

the dinner was satisfying,and it only costs us for like RM10.70/per person. quite cheap i assume. alright, weights gained again. off we went to kukup after that. me and elaine were missing the chai yan kuai in durian flavour so muchie. too bad, currently is not durian season. =( i got so disappointed really.

ended up with the corn flavour. nice also lah hehe

mana apple? XD

after that Jen and her fellow friends brought us to awana. somewhere near seaside and i been there last time with Xiu and her friends.

i guess elaine loves to eat si ham with some pee smell. muahahahaha

they went tapao pontian wan tan min after that. we were convinced that we die die also need to eat that. too bad we were too full but luckily the next morning i took that as breakfast. omfg, that was really tasty. like, it's like a spaghetti more than a wan tan min. really, u shud try once if u visit pontian.

lalala, went back to take a rest cuz the next morning, we're going to JB again! tiring, fun though. shall i update the when im free? guess what, i've been facing this for like 3hrs already! SIGH still i cant finish. i promise i will update the trip at jb when im free alrite?

someone puts my clothes on this bear! >.<

stay tuned

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