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Friday, April 30, 2010

the so-called twins sister

so-called twin sister ;

GREETINGS! :) finally, i'm almost 'free' of assignment today, submitted to the lecturer this morning and now i left the computer application's project --- the website. oh well, wouldn't complete this until my bf gets back from his hometown. hee. plus, no time for it lah. cause im gonna go for xiaowei's TTDBLM tonight and gonna meet up with my dearest cousin, STEVEN ONG tomorrow! *big wide smile*

alright, shall stop crapping. back to the topic, ' So-called twin sister '. yup. can you guys believe i am having a twin sister over malacca? hahaha. she is one of my best friend aka ji mui here, and many people actually misunderstood that we are the twins! and we, ourselves even admitted that we do really look alike.

and from the long time ago, we called ourselves as a siblings, me as the elder she as the younger ones. and believe or not, her birthday is only 3days away from mine! mine = 16th of oct. her = 19th of oct. howwwwww ngam isit?! hahaha. i've been to her house before and her dad said so too!

i dunno why i got a very strong feeling that i wanted to blog about this. See the photos below and u might nod ur head saying that we really look alike!

camwhore at the toilet again. we were at GOGO ktv that day.

30% alike for this facial expression.

how about this one? XD

this one is 120% alike lor!! haha

this one took like 5months ago. 31st of dec. XD

not to forget, her name is TOH XIU XIU. hahaha. no lah, her actual name is Toh Siew Ting, and due to some inside jokes (teehee) we called her toh xiu xiu. nice also what... hahaha

after we finish our cheong K session @ gogo tat night, we off to GSC for movie. guess what, it's Ip Man 2! Ip man 2 is another blockbuster i guess. and it's really WOW me. since i didnt watch the first ip man, so i didnt know much about that movie. and it really impresses me! awwwww. so proud of being a chinese. *laughs*

well, i rated as 4.8/5stars!! this movie is strongly recommended. i even text my bro and msn him tell him this is a must to watch.

uhh, started to adore Donnie Yen as well. =)

so watch it, and i bet you wont wont wont REGRET!


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