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Sunday, April 25, 2010

the Rynx's TTDBLM

Rynx's TTDBLM ;

morning peeps! heh, see i so rajin right update my blog 2days continuously. don't forget it's weekend! i got to update the blog before i get busy next week. and the line is much more better in the morning. so it's better to blog right now. hehhhhh =)

wondering what's Rynx's TTDBLM stands for? alright. let me brief you about that. Rynx stands for the nickname of my bff, xiaowei. while TTDBLM stands for, THINGS TO DO BEFORE LEAVING MALACCA. haha. fyi she is leaving malacca to cyberjaya to continue her beta course. i guess she really dont feel lik leaving malacca, yet there are so many reasons to ask her leave. godknowswhy.

she listed down everything she wanted to do before leaving malacca on my fb wall, like following :

♥ Dreambox

♥ Watch " When in Rome"

♥ Pillow Talk

♥ Swimming at UV pool

so we - her, yeewen, rebecca and me decided to do the top 2 on the last wednesday. dreambox and when in rome! we even skipped our class for that! muahahaha.

took taxi to Newton for our lunch before cheong K. gotta charge full full before u gonna use tons of energy to cheong K.

penang char kuey teowwwww!

lu rou fan. xiaowei claimed it was too salty.

my curry chicken rice. the look was nice but it was bad. =(
perhaps i just dont get used with the taste of nyonya curry.

we were all fully-charged after the lunch! teehee. time for karaoke at dreambox. it's been so long i nvr been to Dreambox. it's actually better than GOGO. if you want to have a cheaper price, you should go at noon. with the member discount, we get a free drink, sing K for 4hrs for RM12 only. tibits included also!

frankly, this is the first time 4 of us sing K together. godknows KB don't provide such entertainment. not even a cinema kay! we damn sua gu one. hahaha. in short, im jus enjoying sing K with bunch of my bffs. =)

we took some crazy photos after the singing session. ohluck, i was the photographer. hahaha 3 of them were acting so crazy. i shall only upload 2 of them, or else they are gonna kill me! i wont be upload too many photos as i will leave those for xiaowei to blog about. heeee

it's me and xiaowei!!! =)

here we go again, the camwhore pic with mirrors. hahahaha.

the failure pic of accidentally using flash. haha

spot yeewen's face. she likes to do this kind of stuff. haha

finally four of us! can ong qi wen be a little bit normal? XDD

uhh this one better =D

mirror mirror on the wall. im in love with the places full of mirrorssssss. weeeeeeeeee *evil grins*

we had 2movies that day! rebecca and yeewen wanted to watch Ice Kacang Puppy Love so much, so i dont mind watched it twice too. cuz it's fuhneyyy. hehh. 7.10pm we off to our movie ended up at 9pm. immediately rushed to Carefour as they wanna restock their maggie mees. and we dashed to Lea Garden for dinner.

my face looks so round lah! hell. >.<

best pic of her! hahaha

she is another acting queen i can say. XD

nice pic yohhhh xiaowei~

never failed to camwhore. miss camwhorie!

too bad, the dinner was disappointing. i was craving for nice tomyam mee for so long, hey i mean NICE, and that was really *thumbs-down* i don finish it yet i finished xiaowei's chicken chop. bwahahhahaha. thanksyouuuuuuuuuuuu. =D

movie-marathon goes. 10pm was our next movie. WHEN IN ROME, which xiaowei desperately wanna watch it with us. this movie was hilarious indeed. love Kristen Bell and JOSH DUHAMEL, dont you think he's hawt? awwwwwwww *melts* this movie is strongly recommended. =)

well 2 TTDBLM are done. will be having the last 2 SOON. looking forward. ^^

that day was a spendid day. thanks boyfie. *loves* it's a debt though. heh. hearts you banyak banyak. and stop pampering me with money. i nvr knew how to manage my financial problem. when the money flows i just let it flow, when the money comes i will jus spend it. this is how my nickname, little miss splendid created. so, control me, instead of give me. =)

oh well i admit i cant get over about that. =/

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