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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


aloha peepsssiessss ;

guess what? i'm back again! hahaha. don need to be shocked like @.@ whenever see me updating my bloggie like, so often nowadays!

FYI, i just started to become a member of NuffNang
few days ago. i guess every blogger knows about the existence of nuffnang. the famous blogger in Asia, Xiaxue , is blogging under nuffnang. and she received tons of awards from nuffnang as well. I realized blogs under nuffnang always attract me. i follow the bloggers like chasing stars, as what my boyfie said. hahaha.

i do not expect i could earn that much as other bloggers did. i was just testing out and who doesn't want to earn right? i am a Uni student, godknows i don't have the time to work for any part time promoter or waiter or watsoever to earn extra income. what i usually doin on my spare time are, Facebooking, Tweeting & of course blogging. thanks to Nuffnang, it's a site to let the blogger to earn money by just blogging! i love blogging, do you? =)

feel free to click the Ads on the side bar on my blog whenever u see any ads that caught ur sight. it helps. Just by a click u can get into any desirable sites as you wish. dont selfish for a click peeps! heh. anyway, whoever loves bloggin like me, do not hesitate to join Nuffnang! no harm what, right?

click here to get into official webpage of Nuffnang.

wishing you lucks bloggers! ♥


btw, i dont wan my blog to become a too-advertorial-blog. so i decided to blog further on this post. hahaha. my boyfie started to complain that i didn't update my blog that frequent. in fact, i couldn't find any photos to stuff in my blog. however i found some of the old photos that i nvr upload in fb or blogger.

i wonder why my boyfren can nvr smile on the cam. >.<

ngehehehe, perhaps this one looks nicer? my smile was bad thou.

i've told you guys, every pic we took, not any single one looks nice. i mean both of us. =/ bf, we shall find a day to camwhore for like 100000times then we might find 1/100000 that looks nice, i hope =S and frankly he doesn't like to face camera. i wont force him sometimes cuz i know he really hates that. but nx time we shall make it to atleast ONE, i'm happy enough with atleast ONE. hahaha =P

& i've told u, he looks good with his side view. xD

bf's favourite cheese macaroni in Kenny Rogers!

our doughnuts! @ Krispy Kreme. too sweet for me hmmph

alright, it was our date. it happened for like N months ago. i promise i will take more photos on our date nx time. hahaha.

im gonna end this post. i wrote tis for like 1hrs and plus already. phewwww~

thanks for everything baby.

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