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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just out of boredom.

dear diary and dear readers ;

hellow. i'm back to again due to boredom. :/ was at xiaowei's hse for the whole noon, PPS for like 4 kind of drama. =P oh yesh, i am always a fan of drama/movies/reality show, but too bad my hostel line doesnt allow me to pps. once i have tons of drama in front of me, uhh don blame for being ignorant abt everything =]

i'm back addicted to gossip girl recently, i was kind of couldn't stop watching it once i started. yet i tried to pull myself back a little, so i can have MORE episodes to watch tomorrow. heh. lovessssss gossip girl to the max! the drama gets more and more tense now. *HELP* im drowning into gossip girl's world. xoxo =P

well, its been so long i nvr update my bloggie for 2days continuously, didn't i? hahaha. actually, i was kinda bored u know. if i were NOT broke, i could possibly hanging at the town now! argh, hate it when im broke. don wanna ask money from mummy again, otherwise she will started to nag at me. =S it's better to stay at home now, take economic rice as lunch/dinner, to overcome the ying-ying's recession. =/

luckily i have a thoughtful boyfriend
he was offering me some financial assistance if i ever need it. thanks dearest boyfie, i will tell you if i were really broke to the bottom. i don wanna brg any trouble for you as well.

the past week was really tough for both of us. we've been thru loads of circumstances. the anger one, the guilty one, the awkward one, the disappointing one....etc i felt really guilty when i was thinking abt the past sat which i broke my promise. i'm really sorry dear, i know that was disappointing and i shouldn't have lost my temper at you. if the time could turn back, i wouldn't do sth like this. but the fact is, time couldn't turn back.

i know, it's hard for you to regain any trust on me anymore since i broke it first. i dont demand you to trust in me 100%, yet i will try my best to let you believe in me, once again. =) hahaha. ehhh, if i were to kidding abt those lame things, don trust la. xD

but i'm glad that, we finally made it to even. u know i know lah. i don wanna tell here. =P hng, >.< although i said i don mind, but i still will feel a lil bit uneasy when i think about that.. next time, tell me frankly i shall let you goooooooooooooooooooo!!! hor! =P

im gonna share the 1st piece of our photos! hahaha. this is the MOST nicest photo we ever had. how nice isit when he looked away from the cam? oh great. i love this shot. you likey baby? xD

loads of love ♥

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