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Saturday, April 24, 2010

...continue... a weekend @ Johor


helo readers, lil miss splendid is back to update her bloggie again. rmb the promise to continue about the previous post when im free? finally, the 3 papers of MUET already passed today, and it's not yet the end, the nightmare is coming afterwards - speaking skill.== just wish me lucks peeps. it's on 11th of MAY.

*continue from the previous post*

Jenny was responsible to wake us up the next morning. we were busy preparing, all so 'ai mei' weihhh including all the guys. and this time, it's xiu xiu who cannot join us for the trip. she had to celebrate her friend's birthday. sien tiao..less one kaki again. =(

Jen's mom fetched us to the bus station, took around 1hrs plus to reach JB, and it only costs us RM5.40!

camwhore with the bf's hp again while he's sleeping. hiak hiak.

Foong drove all the way from Kota Tinggi to Jb to meet us! hehehe. now CC is the driver again. not to forget to fetch our apple~~ been to his hse last Christmas and here we're back again. they brought us to take lunch at a restaurant near Pelangi, the famous mi hun kuay. awwww it's was nice really. i like the egg especially. hahaha.

RM3.50, worth it. it comes in big size!

next, we're heading to Jusco Tebrau City, for movie! Ice Kacang Puppy Love from Ah niu. Support malaysia's product mah. i thought it would be quite bored but it turned out to be quite nice! and i even watched it twice, without any sleepy mood. hahaha it was funny at first, and it was touching too. i like it when the stars like Fish Leong, Gary Chau, Victor Wong, Lee Xin Jie, Nicholas Teo and Penny Tai made an appearance on the movie, cause i wanna to see how those singers act. here i give some rating, 3.5/5. =)

then we went shop shop around the mall, stopped by a hotdog's booth. we were getting hungry already. it's called MOMO Hot Dog. the special abt this booth that it provides u some sauces like Mustard ( in medium and also spicy ), Chilli Sauce and Mayonaisse. then u can start mixing it by ur own once u ordered ur hotdog bun. i ordered Cheese hotdog and started to mixing it.

sauces available

nah here is the product of mine. i know it's fugly lah. ==

we were stucked in Harris for quite a long time. Harris in Jusco Tebrau was huge enough, u hardly find someone if u were missing. LOL. we were told that the Mori Cafe or Witchery Ider in JB was way different than in Malacca one's. Mori cafe in Jb offers a wide range of drinks compared to malacca's. hmmm yesh it is. one thing i dislike about this cafe is the atmosphere wasn't good and no singer is available. =( oh, forget to mention another important aspect. the price is way cheaper as well. one drink costs u rm7, but u can get another for free. meaning one drink only costs u rm3.50! 50cents added if u wanna to add some pearls/nate de coco/fruits in ur drink.

visited apple's mom! she wanted to see how her daughter's future roommate looks like. hahaha. after that they had kuey tiao kia as dinner. i was full and only watching them eat. and the pig's liver, tongue etc etc...i don show any passion on it langsung. for me, they are disgusting. haha

the time hits 9.30pm++, it's time for Foong to go home. cause he needa drive around 45mins or 1hrs to reach his home. while Jenny, Zhiqin, Boyfie and me need to follow him back to Jen's sis hse. accommodation was provided by jen again. thanks loads weihh. =) and the house is super adorable to me, cause it equipped with mirrors!! love the decorations so much! and i love the baby boy borned by jen's sister as well. awwwww, he's sho sho sho cute. see the picture below and u ll know how cute is him!

awwww! cutie little boy. his nickname is xiao bao~

1st time camwhore with Jen using her ST500~

he likes to camwhore as well. lucky for his gf. =P

Elaine called, we were asked where to have a chilling session @ station one nearby.CC's friend picked us up. hohohooo. not much energy left for chilling, cause we were all so exhausted already.

not mine. it belongs to zhiqin teo.

♥ this photo but why would the bf likes to cover his face? mmmmm
it almost perfect lah.

managed to take the pic with the mirrors in the house before we leaving. hehehe. it seems to be a tradition to take pic with the mirror. xD

finally, it's end of post. DSLR's photos not yet here, sadly. will update soon. and i will update the post with TTDBLM as soon as possible kay? chill ppl =)


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