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Friday, April 9, 2010

Business Project

morning peeps! ;

alright i apologize for didnt update my bloggie for such a period. the boyf even asked me to delete my blog. uhhh, sorry lah, i was so busy, so sick, so-lifeless. routine keep repeating, nothing special to share. now, finally i've got one ------ Business Project! *teehee*

well, business project is considered as a assignment for Business Management. jus a brief introduction to our group. seven-11 is our group name and's a stall and more... LOL we started our business since 24th march, every wed and thurs until 8th april. booth located along clc road.

once again, shall we let the pictures do the talking? =)
yellow day

fried noodles by jeremy's mom!

@ elaine's hse. busy preparing for the business

4 of us never fail to camwhore no matter wat. =P

finally, we set up our booth!

yeah yeah xiaowei and eutong came n support us! tysomuch!!

our 'kitchen'. hahaha. sho sho busy huh~

whooops, it's PURPLE day!

apple = little miss splendid? xD

elainessssss ^^

its time for blueeeeee wednesday~

fyi, i didnt snap much photos tat day. cuz my cam was not with me. =( anyway i camwhored with the boyfie's hp. bwahahaha. his fon now is full of my photos!

i was sick tat day & the doc asked me to wear mask. ==

but im jus stubborn for nt wearing it. teeehee. dont get near to me or else u will get infected.
btw wear mask is vital now cuz H1N1 is back to attack again! =(

the last day! its WHITEYYY-day

photos credit to Elaine. she helped me out for the photo session. =)

shuai ge~

i always call him, CC CHONG! hahaha

our very funny yet blur leader - hui kuen! haha

wat xiu was trying to do huh? hahaha

ang ang apple ang aka my future roommate :D

william aka beckham tee ^^

yerr and this is my boyfie hahaha.

p/s: sorry for those not in the photos, most prolly u were not around. hahaha.

and JENNY, you're such a good chef! hahaha. finally i know how hard working in the kitchen. me and elaine were sweating like hell ytd and keep on praising how geng were u for working in the kitchen for so many days already. thanksyou so much :D

end of the business project, though we were all tired yet i did enjoy the process alot. haha. hopefully we are able to earn some profit.

-end of post-
i care, u care, we care :)

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