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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

another holiday in my hometown :D

alohhaaaaaaa people ;

heh, im now back to bloggin again. no, im nt gonna spill anything tonite. ignore those spillin post, cuz im just like to spill thru bloggin/writing instead of telling others. it's a good way of letting out my feeling. hahaha. chill :)

well, it was my midterm break last week & definitely i was back in my hometown. teehee. my coursemates all hor, damn shuang one lo, they went genting!!! aiyah. hahaha. feel better cuz they atleast bought me present, chocolate! xD thanks jenny and xiuxiu~~

frankly, i miss my hometown more than everything. i mean, my family, my friends, every moments i had in kb last time. time, passes too fast. looking back, i was jus a little girl. and now, I AM STILL A LITTLE GIRL!!! wahahahaha. kidding la. im freaking 19th already. sounds so old eh. =.=

heh i shall stop crapping now. again, i really captured FEW photos only. when i say few, it's really...goddamnfew. cuz i mostly stayed at my home, and just went out for some breakfast thingie, aboh my bff came over my hse. and now that was the time i went out with those babes - YeeYing, Ziekie, Jane & Yibi.

went secret recipe for dinner, they claimed that they never had secret recipe for SHO SHO SHO long ad. haha. and of course the whole 'journey' was about, photos photos and photos. and they all said, they prefer my previous hair. =(

Black Pepper Chicken Rice. tastes okok only.

this one ying ordered one. wat carribean style fish.. *thumbs-up*

that rich girl always ordered exp drink. the appetizer. i drank plain water only lea!

ARGHH. my favourite! durian cheese cake!!! its like you're eating a durian. xD

damn in love with this pic. even the boyfie said so! =D thanks babe

took a series of photos @ Levis Store. heh. =P

@ sinma!

accompanied qi to shop for her shoes @ vincci. it's SALES and i have no money. FML.
we went to hayaki for chilling session afterwards. too bad jane couldn't join us. anyway we seriously took tons of photos there. hahaha. xD

w/ my fav manggo ice rock. :D

p/s : mostly of the photos already uploaded in FB. wats wrong with blogger today? i just hardly to upload pictures. gdi.

anyway, i had great time @ KB. especially with my family this time. i started to miss them already! especially my mischevious little bro. :D

i'd better move my ass to bed now, im having 8am class tomorrow, and there will be a test tomorrow night!!!

goodnites peeps.xoxo

i ♥ being pampered by you :)

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