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Sunday, February 21, 2010

My 2010 CNY =)

Gong Xi Fa Cai! ;

hello peeps, HAPPY CNY! for the past 1 week, i was so BUSY with my cny celebration. i love CNY so muchhhhh, who dont right, when you gonna meet up with ur relatives, friends, and receive red packets!

once again, i ♥ cny so much. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) can we have CNY throughout all the year? LOL

it's true that you can never be slim down when CNY approaches. see, im so fat right now. there are tons of ppl complaining about my super-chubby face. the bf told me before, chubby is another way of saying me FAT. haha. yealah, f-a-t lol...

anyway, i had my early cny celebration at Penang this year, which is my paternal family's hometown.
met up with my all-so-tall-yet-pretty cousins.

As usual, grandpa prayed to Tian Kong on new year eve. i know Hokkienease always pray Ti Kong on 9th day of cny, but isit Hakka on new year eve? haha or every chinese have to do so? idk lah. hehe
my so-effin-cute cousins!!! i started to miss them already. =(

rushed to Giant before reunion dinner just to get this. =.=

my grandpa =)

the kampung has a tradition, which is going to 大伯公庙to pray pray after the reunion dinner. ahh the temple was SO CROWDED. really. luckily i was wearing my spec there. if not the asap asap sure makes my eyes GG one. before we off to the temple, we did some camwhore. =)

my best cousin ever :D


i dozed off quite earli that night cause was so exhausted. and in the next morning, we gotta wake up earli and doll up. whoopsss :D

got time sure camwhore one. =.=

dont you think they are so cute? haha =D

my favourite shot of her lol.

Por's family produces 'cute' girls. HAHAHAHA!!

after visiting my 大姑 house, we decided to go Kek Lok Si. and also that Bendera Hill. idk wats it called in english. it's 升旗山 in chinese. btw, i was so dumb that i wore a 3inches heels and my leg were hurt that day. huhuhu. TT

oh ya dont forget tis penang laksa! ohmygod, tis is so so so so NICE.
this is a must-have for me in penang. :D

nan de i shot one nice pic for my bro. hahaha

along the kek lok si.


the wishing tree. i wished........... *secret* :P

the goat status represents US :D

with the roar-roar tiger~

this guan yin status is still in process. u surely don hav idea how tall isit.

Penang's night scenary from bendera hill.

p/s: not much photos taken on the hills, cuz most of da time we were in the cable car. haha and four of us spotted 3 goodlooking angmoh there as well. haha :P

btw, had Penang Char Kuey Teow before we back. yumyumyum. no wonder im so FAT lah. blek. who cares when delicious food just in front of you? heh =P

2nd day of CNY, as usual, relatives came to bai nian at grandma hse. after the bai nian/steamboat session, three of us tot we might BORED to death cuz the elder relatives all gonna visit Kek Lok Si again while my parents and brothers off to Avatar 3D, three of us were complaining how hot was my grandma hse and blar blar blar................

and there you go, my another cousin was our saviour tat day. he fetched us to Sunway Carnival Mall, at first we decided to watch movie. fortunately, not more than 5mins we 'landed' on that mall, received call frm another cousin, she said let's go cheong k! hahaha. we were so so so excited. and off we go RedBox @ Gurney Plaza.

but Cheong K during festive season prolly not a good idea. it costs us RM52++ per person. there were 8person in total. calculate how much isit? anyway, it comes with 5jugs of drinks and 2 bottles of champagne. buffet dinner + lou san included as well. thanks to my relatives that treated us. =)

argh im so short weihhh!

group pic! =D

we were singing all those pop hitz song for the entire hours. hahaha lady gaga hitz were our favourite. when PokerFace/BadRomance were playing, we were all hyped up. haha. really had great fun. =)))))

i was back in KB on 3rd day of KB. shall update post about the bainian at KB some time later. i already blog this for like, 2hrs. huuuuuu. tiring indeed.

and now you know, how much i love cny?! :D

stay tuned peeps. =)

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